Cockatoo attacks cup pyramid in kitchen

Cockatoo attacks cup pyramid in kitchen

An amusing video has emerged of a cockatoo pecking away at a pyramid of cups and not giving up until he’s knocked every single one over.

The footage, filmed in the Netherlands yesterday, shows Harley the cockatoo knocking over the cup tower.

According to the filmer, the bird does it every time they build anything out of cups.

Pinecrest, Florida – Parrot Jungle (1995)

Pinecrest, Florida – Parrot Jungle (1995)

Pinecrest, Florida – Parrot Jungle

Parrot Jungle was a zoological park south of Miami on 22 acres (89,000 m2) of property at Killian Drive and South Red Road.

Originally founded in 1936 by Franz & Louise Scherr, Parrot Jungle was one of the first tourist attractions established in the Miami area. The idea for Parrot Jungle began after Scherr, who owned and operated a feed and supply store in Homestead, became intrigued with the idea of building an attraction where birds would “fly free”. Scherr leased 22 acres (89,000 m2) of hammock land for an annual fee of $25. Parrot Jungle was built as a winding nature trail dug through the coral rock and hammock land, indigenous to the area. All the natural plants were left undisturbed. The entrance was built on Red Road.

The attraction opened on December 20, 1936, to about 100 visitors. Each paid 25 cents admission to see and hear Scherr talk about his birds, trees and flowers. Since 1936, over a million visitors have visited Parrot Jungle. Among its many famous visitors was Sir Winston Churchill, film director Steven Spielberg, and former US President Jimmy Carter.

Klatki dla papug (Parrot cages)

Klatki dla papug (Parrot cages)

Film poradnikowy o wyborze i ustawieniu w mieszkaniu klatki dla naszego pupila. Występują papugi ze Sklepu z Papugami w Warszawie.
Drodzy Widzowie, nie wszystkie poradniki o papugach podają wielkość klatki dla każdego gatunku czy rozpiętość jej skrzydeł, aby, na podstawie podanego w filmie wzoru policzyć sobie, jaka powinna być szerokość klatki dla niej. Ale, aby sprawdzić rozpiętość skrzydeł, wystarczy wpisać w Google gatunek papugi po łacinie i słowa “rozpiętość skrzydeł” po angielsku, czyli “wingspan” lub “wings span”, lub “range wingspan”.

How-to video on choosing and arranging your pet’s cage. Starring parrots from the Parrot Shop in Warsaw.
Dear viewers, not all parrot guides quote the size of the cage for each species or their wingspans, so in order to the cage width using the pattern presented in our video, you have to find your parrot species’ wingspan in Google first.

Our Rescued Birds – Cockatiel & Sun Conure

Our Rescued Birds – Cockatiel & Sun Conure

Our rescued birds during their daily “out of the cage” exercise and family time. We keep the cage open during this time and they will go back inside on their own when they have had enough.

Sunny (Cockatiel)
It was Summer of 2014 when my dad received a text from a neighbor. She has spotted a bird limping on her backyard that looked like a parakeet. She contacted several organizations to rescue the bird and asked other neighbors if that was their bird, but to no success. Another neighbor had seen the same bird couple of days before. When my dad got the message, he looked for the bird and found her with lots of injuries as though been attacked by predators. She was also very thin and weak. Her left eye was badly torn (she later lost that eye). It took several weeks to nurse her back to health and almost a year until anyone can get close to her.

Sunset (Sun Conure)
We started looking for a companion for our rescued Cockatiel. It was on September 25, 2014 when we adopted a Sun Conure. The previous owner acquired him when he was 3 months old and for the next 5 months, he didn’t have much human interaction and spent most of his time in a tiny cage inside a dark garage with other caged birds (finches, parakeets, cockatiels). He was about 8-9 months old when we got him. We started training him right away and showed great progress within 5 days.

Here are some of the previous videos of our rescued birds in our care. You can view the complete videos in our playlist “Pets & Wildlife”.

Sun Conure Parrot Bird Re-Homing & Re-Training 1-5 Days:

Basic Bird Care & Cage Maintenance Routine – Sun Conure Cockatiel Parrot:

Sun Conure Parrot on a Cherry Tree:

Sun Conure & Cockatiel – Sunset & Sunny:

Sun Conure Learning to Fly Back to his Cage – Bird Flight Training:

COD – Conure of Duty:

Sunset (Sun Conure) Bird Re-Homing & Re-Training 2015 Update:

Music by Yves Gariepy of Musicoman Production

10 Best Bird Cages 2017

10 Best Bird Cages 2017


Please Note: Our choices for this wiki may have changed since we published this review video. Our most recent set of reviews in this category, including our selection for the year’s best bird cage, is exclusively available on Ezvid Wiki.

Bird cages included in this wiki include the prevue pet flight, prevue pet select, yescom double-decker, vision l01, prevue pet double roof, giantex large, mcage large flight, portico aviary, prevue pet empire, and vision m02.

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Top 10 Smartest Talking Birds In The World

Top 10 Smartest Talking Birds In The World

Top 10 Smartest Talking Birds In The World
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Do you think your dog is in the top 10th percentile of its species? Should you start filling out that Mensa application for Fido? Take a peek at our list to see if your dog’s breed is one of the top 10 smartest dog breeds in the world. Or perhaps you’re looking to welcome a new furry friend into your home that is just as smart as it is cute. If that’s the case, any of these breeds would be a great pick.

1 African Grey Parrot
2 Budgerigar
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4 Eclectus Parrot
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7 Hill Myna
8 Cockatoo
9 Yellow-crowned Amazon
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