Ponzu the White bellied caique playing with food lid

Ponzu the White bellied caique playing with food lid

Ponzu really want some more food. I was mixing a fresh batch of pellets and seeds and he was really wanting to eat some of the seeds. It then became a game with the lid. Gotta love the caique hops. Bonsai makes a brief appearance, but walks back under the cage to eat her super sized pellet that she stole.

very nice Hand tam parrot and talking parrot

very nice Hand tam parrot and talking parrot

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Parrots Taking Medication Together as a Flock

Parrots Taking Medication Together as a Flock

Parrots Taking Medication Together as a Flock
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Pakistani Guy Fun With Loving Talking Parrot | kissing Parrot 2017

Pakistani Guy Fun With Loving Talking Parrot | kissing Parrot 2017

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Caged birds have long been a favourite pet for many Chinese people.

And with vast numbers of unemployed workers looking for odd jobs to bring home much needed funds, many have turned to raising birds.

Though many breed the birds purely for financial gain, some take great pains to train their birds — just for the love of it.

With an estimated 300-thousand bird breeders in Beijing alone, the city’s bird markets are getting more and more crowded.

On a typical weekend, throngs of people invade the Jade Dragonfly Bridge market to trade in the feathered pets.

If the crowds of people seem dense, the crowds of birds in small cages are even more tightly packed.

Hundreds of thousands of brightly-coloured birds compete for space in tiny metal prisons.

Though most deal in birds to make money, some do it purely out of passion.

50 year-old Mr Zhuang is one such person.

Mr Zhuang carefully scrutinizes the parrots on offer in this crowded market, determined not to go home with an empty cage.

But if most birds are doomed to crowded lives in tiny cages — or, at best, lonely existences with no chance to fly — Mr Zhuang has a happier fate in mind for his parrots.

Most people simply train their birds to sing.

But Mr Zhuang has trained his twenty birds to fly away — and come home at the call of a whistle.

Everyday, the cage is opened and the parrots go off for an afternoon fly.

Some simply enjoy a nice perch on a tree.

Others brave the skies and even go for a fly with feathered friends of different species.

Feeding over twenty birds is something of a financial burden.

But Mr Zhuang feels it is well worth it.

SOUNDBITE: (Mandarin)
“I need to find something interesting in my life. And when these birds fly in the sky, my heart lightens. I can forget all of my worries and unhappiness.”
SUPER CAPTION: Zhuang Kuiqing, parrot trainer

Mr Zhuang may wish he could fly over the grey roofs of his run-down neighborhood himself.

But when he sees his parrots soar above his home, he can be content just to watch.

You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/495bbaa7042e248a7f1f3beb214ebb66
Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork

BirdTricks Tuesday: Indoor Flight Training Parrots Basics

BirdTricks Tuesday: Indoor Flight Training Parrots Basics

This week Dave and I go over the very basics and beginnings of some flight training (indoors) basics of how to get started. Please remember we are trying to condense the information down for you, so this is not done in “real time” – in real time you would take much longer on each phase of improvement.

For our flight training series included in our Total Transformation Series, click here; http://www.birdtricks.com/seminarvideos/

For flight training using targeting; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhuvUIyKRdo

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