Einstein Parrot’s Cage Door Lecture

Einstein Parrot’s Cage Door Lecture

Einstein perches on his cage door while Marcia is busy working in the next room. He talks about many things, but mostly lectures Marcia on her cleaning duties. For more of Einstein’s videos about cleaning, watch this playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8O3pKZ-XWrIc4zmmILX1d50-Y9wg1ovR
Einstein Parrot is very talkative African Grey Parrot! He lives with us in our home in Texas and was hatched on June 15, 1997. Einstein is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He is the famous for his impression of Matthew McConaughey, (http://youtu.be/WecS9-3ISkk) NOT the “Einstein” that was featured on the TV show Animal Planet. He likes to talk on various “parrot approved areas” in our home, such as the kitchen drawer, the shower, kitchen chairs, napkin holders, and of course his play perches! Einstein has brought much joy to our lives, but training and living with a parrot requires time, patience and sacrifice.
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World Parrot Refuge Pt 4 Caring for the Old & Sick- Wendy Huntbatch

World Parrot Refuge Pt 4  Caring for the Old & Sick- Wendy Huntbatch

Check out the series of videos at the playlist. Click the link top right of copy and paste this –
I produced a 15 min doc about Wendy ad her birds for my CHEK TV series Vancouver Isl Chronicles. Here is the link for that. https://youtu.be/iEmbm2-GqWk
Sadly we lost Wendy to cancer and Parrot World has closed but I like to think that her spirit lives on.

What Do My Parrots Eat?

What Do My Parrots Eat?

Find out exactly what types of parrot foods my babies eat!!! ** I wish I had stressed more in this video about fruits and veggies, because they do eat plenty of those. I think I may do a video in the future about which fruits and veggies are good for parrots! **


Birds Cursing Compilation 5 Featuring Pebbles the Swearing Cockatoo! NAUGHTY African Grey!

Birds Cursing Compilation 5 Featuring Pebbles the Swearing Cockatoo! NAUGHTY African Grey!

Parrots Cursing Soundboard! Prank your friends!

Comedians vs Hecklers Soundboard!

“Y’all not going believe this but I jus had a dance battle wit @BustaRhymes in middle of the street ..”
~DJ Khaled
A Mad Memes production. Enjoy!

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Outro Music: “DuckTails – Moon” by The Advantage

Michael Sazhin – Parrot Wizard Sizzle Reel 2015

Michael Sazhin – Parrot Wizard Sizzle Reel 2015


Parrot Wizard 2015 Sizzle Reel featuring some highlights from Michael Sazhin the Parrot Wizard and his performing parrots Kili, Truman, and Santina. Michael Sazhin is a parrot trainer and author of The Parrot Wizard’s Guide to Well-Behaved Parrots.


This video features some clips from Kili on David Letterman, Steve Harvey, Kili Cyrus Wrecking Ball video, Kili Swift Shake it Off Parroty, and Truman on Huffington Post Live.

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Kili is a trick-trained performing Senegal Parrot. Truman is a flying monkey Cape Parrot. Santina is a rescue Green-Winged Macaw. Subscribe to my channel:


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Parrot cage NINA chrome

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