Harry Allen & Friends (Nicki Parrott, Ehud Asherie, Chuck Redd) Live at Dizzy’s 2015 – PART1

Harry Allen & Friends (Nicki Parrott, Ehud Asherie, Chuck Redd) Live at Dizzy’s 2015 – PART1

Harry Allen & Friends – the music of George Gershwin, Cole Porter & Duke Ellington

Harry Allen – tenor sax
Ehud Asherie – piano
Nicki Parrott – bass & vocals
Chuck Redd – drums & vibes
Little Johnny Rivero – percussion

Live at Dizzy’s Club July 24, 2015 – 1st set – Harry Allen new CD “For George, Cole And Duke” (2015)

Jazz at Lincoln Center – Livestream.com: http://livestream.com/accounts/211242

Dizzy’s schedule : http://www.jazz.org/dizzys/

My cockatoo kisses to her fan😘😘😘😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

My cockatoo kisses to her fan😘😘😘😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

Hi everyone. This video is the day we went for rollerblading with mommy and grandma and Joseph met his fan and giving her lots of love❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😘😘😘
I hope you all enjoy watching this video.
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A Boxer Kisses an African Grey Parrot

A Boxer Kisses an African Grey Parrot

Raven our boxer meets Hiro Nakamura, our African Grey baby foster.

Raven was surprisingly very good. They like each other. For the trolls, Raven has never hurt any animal – and never our birds. She loves them like family!! And THAT is a breed standard. Not ear and tail crops…

Android Java Development – 3rd Bridge Tutorial From App Inventor

Android Java Development – 3rd Bridge Tutorial From App Inventor

Courtesy of Programmers Institute
This video is the third in a series to help you program in Java if you have been programming in App Inventor. It uses the App Inventor jar file in Java to produce an Android application. Shows you Eclipse IDE. Covers using object methods and properties to customize an object ( A button is customized in this example ).

See also http://www.VideoMindMeld.com

Parrot Picture
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Cockatoo desperately attempts to befriend cat

Cockatoo desperately attempts to befriend cat

9-month-old Jackson the Maine Coon and 10-year-old Cali the Umbrella Cockatoo are the best of friends. This is so awesome to witness!

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Meet My Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Thai | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY

Meet My Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Thai | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY

THAI: The Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
HOST: Marlene Mc’Cohen

Hello fans of feathered friends!!
Today I am on a layover flight from Costa Rica but guess what? My layover is in Houston, Texas, where my parents and brother live! So I took this opportunity to get a quick video of my family Parrot Thai.

In this video, I thought it was important to talk about how when we first got Thai he had a bare chest. Now all of his feathers have grown back but but if he misses someone he always has those plucking tendencies. For Thai, I think his plucking revolves around the emotions he feels if he isn’t getting enough attention from the ones he loves. Fortunately for Thai, he is now surrounded by more than one person that he is attached to so even if one person leaves for a week, he has other people in the family, completely focused on him. As you can see in this video, thai is doing really well and both my brother and his girlfriend (who Thai is particularly attached to) have been out in costa Rica with me for the past ten days.

For Jersey, it is not that simple. We were lucky with Thai because as soon as he came in to our family, his feathers grew back quickly. with Jersey, she gets just as much unlimited attention and love as Thai…as you guys know from the videos so I suspect she has more of a nutritional deficiency. I have been trying many different things in her diet and have seen some results, but of course it takes time and much trial and error to confirm what it is exactly. I will never stop trying with Jersey, I put tons of research in to it and I hope one day I will find something to make her completely feathered again.

ALSO: look out for another video from me later!! I will film me coming home and seeing all my birds after being gone for almost two weeks.
FUN FACT: The house that I am in in this video belongs to my parents who live in Houston. I thought I would surprise them with my long layover but I landed only to find out that they are in my house in Los Angeles!! I think they thought they would surprise me!!

You would never buy a dog to cage him up and birds should be treated with the same love and respect:)

All birds deserve to have a happy life. Lets take steps together to educate people on birds and get them all out of their cages as much as possible!

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What Is Going To Happen To Cody The African Grey? 💓 |PARROT TALK special

What Is Going To Happen To Cody The African Grey? 💓 |PARROT TALK special

Hello parrot lovers,
This is one crazy video, but I decided to keep it because I think it’s funny and you can see how crazy parrots are:) I love them though!

This parrot video also has all the information you have been waiting for on Cody the African Grey and what is going to happen to him 💖

I know it took me a while to give you guys this information but I think there is no better day to update you.

Check out my Instagram @marlenemccohen to see the picture of what happened in between the videos and where Vinny my Galah cockatoo landed.

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