Talking Parrot in Urdu/Hindi/Arabic | Asalamalakum | Arrahman Arraheem | Bolne Wala Tota

Talking Parrot in Urdu/Hindi/Arabic | Asalamalakum | Arrahman Arraheem | Bolne Wala Tota

Talking Parrot in Urdu/Hindi/Arabic | Asalamalakum | Arrahman Arraheem. bolne wala tota
Pakistani talking parrot
Pahari (Raw or alexandrine parakeet) parrot talking in hindi

This Parrot belongs to my dear friend who is also a breeder please contact him on +92 345 2912644 if you seek for such amazing birds!

Alexandrine Indian Parrot talking ability is in full swing!

As-salāmu ʿalaykum (Arabic: السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎‎ [asːaˈlaːmu ʕaˈlajkum]) is a greeting in Arabic that means “peace be upon you”. The greeting is a standard salutation among Muslims and is routinely used whenever and wherever Muslims gather and interact, whether socially or within worship and other contexts.

Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem
The first words that begin the journey through the Qur’an are: “In the Name of God, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful (ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem),”

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Maharashtra: Cops Summon ‘Parrot’ to Police Station for ‘Hurling Obscenities’ at 85-Year-Old Woman

Maharashtra: Cops Summon ‘Parrot’ to Police Station for ‘Hurling Obscenities’ at 85-Year-Old Woman

In a bizarre turn of events, a parrot was summoned to a police station by the police in Maharashtra for “hurling obscenities” at an 85-year old woman, who alleged that its owner had tutored the pet.The woman, identified as Janabai Sakharkar, complained to the police in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district that her stepson had trained the family pet to scream out abuses at her, whenever she passes by the house, PTI reported.The police, after failing to pacify the 85-year old, asked her stepsons–Suresh and Hariyal–to bring the family pet to the police station, to investigate the allegations.

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Red Parrot and Texas Cichlid breeding

Red Parrot and Texas Cichlid breeding

I have a 55 gallon freshwater aquarium and have been buying different fish at random over the years. One day I noticed a small dark cloud in the corner of the tank and realized it was a swarm of baby fish. They were gone the next morning. A few weeks later it happened again. Then one day… I saw something interesting going on between a Red Parrot and a Texas Cichlid. No special water conditions, no planning on my part.

Macaw Parrot – Pictures

Macaw Parrot –  Pictures

Macaw Parrot – Pictures

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(Funny Videos) Monkey Attacks Human

(Funny Videos) Monkey Attacks Human

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Best moments of pugs 2016
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What started as a hobby for a Filipino animal lover, has now grown into one of the world’s most important breeding centres for tropical birds.

Antonio de Dios’ private aviary in the Philippines boasts a collection of more than eight thousand birds from 195 rare species.

These brightly coloured macaws are among the roughly eight-thousand birds found here in Birds International, a private aviary in the suburbs of Quezon City.

What started out as a hobby for owner Antonio de Dios is now a world-class facility dedicated to the preservation of endangered birds.

For two decades, the aviary has been committed to saving the world’s endangered bird

For owner Antonio de Dios its a dream come true.

SOUNDBITE: (English)
“It’s my obsession since I was young, to be associated with animals. And the parrot became my choice because of their longevity. They can live for quite a number of years, and maybe they can outlive me.”
SUPER CAPTION: Antonio de Dios, President and General Manager, Birds International, Inc.

A nursery puts newly-hatched chicks in the care of experts who make sure they get proper nutrition and attention.

The aviary has successfully bred many species of rare birds, may of which end up in zoos around the world.

There are about two thousand breeding pairs here, with an average production of two thousand 500 birds a year.

SOUNDBITE: (English)
“I think we are blessed because we have the right tropical weather. We don’t have to undergo very complicated set-ups like the ones they have in America and in Europe. And of course, labour is cheap here, and we have all the tropical fruit available. I think with these conditions, it’s a very big plus factor in propagating the species.”
SUPER CAPTION: Antonio de Dios, President and General Manager, Birds International, Inc.

The birds are housed in large flight cages which allow them to interact socially with their own kind.

The aviary strives to provide an environment that mirrors the natural habitat of the birds.
Staff say simulating these conditions ensures normal growth and improved breeding performance.

A staff of 167 sees to it that all the birds get the proper care.

Such an aviary is expensive to run but de Dios says money is no object.

Birds International has come a long way.

Its efforts and success in saving rare birds from extinction is proof that such things can be done if people work with the environment.

The aviary’s objective of conserving and protecting rare birds by successfully breeding them in captivity has been achieved.

But this does not stop de Dios and his staff from continuing their research in the proper handling of these birds.

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Green indian ringneck parrots breder pair 03459442750 Zain Ali Farming in Pakistan urdo/hindi

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5 things you should (NOT) do if you own a parrot!!!!!!

5 things you should (NOT) do if you own a parrot!!!!!!

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Trip to BIRD JUNGLE + Meet My NEW Green Cheek Conure Parrot ♡

Trip to BIRD JUNGLE + Meet My NEW Green Cheek Conure Parrot  ♡

Trip to Bird Jungle Pet Vlog + How to Hand Feed Baby Birds! Bird Jungle is in Scarsdale, NY & I went to see the beautiful parrots and exotic birds there. They were dancing, swinging, singing and having all kinds of fun in this funny bird video!

At Bird Jungle they have Macaw, Conure, Cockatiels and Many More. I watched them hand feed the baby parrots and then, if you keep watching…maybe I bring home a little one of my own!

Ok, spoiler alert.. I did!! Keep watching and Meet my new green cheek concur, Tink! My last bird I brought home from Bird Jungle was my cockatiel, Sam. Sadly after 20 yrs she passed away recently 🙁 I had her my whole life and my heart felt so empty without her. Im glad I have Tink now to help keep the joy Sam gave me in my heart. I love you Sam ♡

Things get pretty funny in this kid friendly animal video when I bring home Tink and Lola, my chihuahua, freaks out!

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Trip to BIRD JUNGLE + Meet My BABY Green Cheek Conure ♡

African Grey Talking on Cue

African Grey Talking on Cue

Here is a list of the things she says in the order that she says them: “Hello, my name is Smokey, meows, you’s a stinker, tickle tickle, bless you, give me a kiss, kisses, are you hungry, did you eat breakfast, stinker, ai do (Vietnamese for ‘who’s there’), dance, bye bye”.