Jersey The Jealous Cockatoo Finds Genna in Bed With Another Bird | PARROT VIDEO OF THE DAY

Jersey The Jealous Cockatoo Finds Genna in Bed With Another Bird | PARROT VIDEO OF THE DAY

Hello parrot lovers,
As you guys know, Jersey my Umbrella cockatoo is obsessed with my sister so every time she hears any noise upstairs she climbs the railing and screams for Genna to come out and get her. If Genna is not home and Jersey hears the dogs or someone else, I need to prove to her that Genna is not in her room so she won’t want to come back up again.
However, in this video not only did we discover that Genna is in her room…we discovered that she was cheating on Jersey with another bird!!

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Hiking with Parrots Part 2 of 2

Hiking with Parrots Part 2 of 2

A few of our “Get Flocked” (free flight group) members came hiking with our birds to one of our favourite locations. Everyone had an amazing time exploring and zipping in, around, over and under the trees! Exercise, fun, social and stimulation needs all met haha

I can only carry x2 crates so that is why Korra is at home, also it was Roku’s turn to come out 😀

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Initial Costs Associated With Conure Parrot Ownership

Initial Costs Associated With Conure Parrot Ownership

The purpose of this video is to address the upfront necessary costs with Conure parrot ownership. This talks about every necessity to purchase the week BEFORE parrot ownership to have FOR parrot ownership. This isn’t stuff to accumulate over the years. The items listed in this video are necessities for proper parrot ownership and bare minimum guidelines to help bring home baby to the best possible environment.

Prevue Cage:

Perch and Go “Pandora’s Box” Travel Cage:

Prevue Snuggle Hut “Rio’s Cuddle Hut”:

Polly’s Pastels Pedicure Perch to relieve pressure sores and manicure talons – Internet Vet recommended:|&cat=150&shop=1

All Living Things Rope Bird Perch:

All Living Things Multi Branch Perch:

Main Prevue Cage Booda Bird Swing N’ Perch Rope Perch:

Prevue Pet Calypso Creations Stick Stack Toy:

Great Choice Lovable Links Rio’s Colorful chain:

Prevue Coop Cup Stainless Steel Bowls for Travel Carrier and Prevue Main Cage:

Cockatiel Size Conure and small bird recommended seed 2-4 per day, Lafeber’s Classic Nutri-Berries:

Supreme Natural for daily 1 ounce diet:

Zupreem Fruit blend for foraging mixed into natural zupreem:

Favorite Fruit:

Bird Safe Cage liner paper towels:

Cuts / Out Takes From Cp 701 – Tasty Models, Food Sculpture And Parrot School (1968)

Cuts / Out Takes From Cp 701 – Tasty Models, Food Sculpture And Parrot School (1968)

Cuts (rushes, out takes) for stories featured in Colour Pictorial – CP 701. The original stories are on Pathe Master tape *PM0429*.

Cuts for story TASTY MODELS in CP 701. Similar footage to cut story about the icing of a cake in the shape of St Paul’s Cathedral. Different shots show a girl putting a marzipan covered cake on a rack in the bakery. We also seen some of the utensils used for the decoration.

Cuts for story FOOD SCULPTURE in CP 701. Similar footage to cut story about food being prepared in the Japanese restaurant, the Hiroko. A few different shots show two fabulous goldfish, convincingly carved from carrots, being added to the final sweet potato dove display!

Cuts for story PARROT SCHOOL in CP 701. Mostly similar footage to cut story of parrots doing tricks before a crowd at Flamingo Park Zoo in Yorkshire.
FILM ID:447.02



Parrot ‘slam dunks’ basketball

Parrot ‘slam dunks’ basketball

Impressive footage of a parrot picking up a ball and placing it into a toy basketball net.

The video, filmed in London on July 21, shows the bird, called Scout, picking up the holey ball with his beak and carrying it over to the net before ‘slam dunking.’

According to the filmer, the clip shows “fetch trained behaviour”.