Kea – New Zealand’s cheeky, curious and fascinating mountain parrot

Kea – New Zealand’s cheeky, curious and fascinating mountain parrot

Kea – cheeky, curious and fascinating to watch in South Island’s high country. To survive in the harsh alpine environment Kea have become inquisitive and nomadic social birds, characteristics which help them to find food in a harsh landscape. They are the world’s only alpine parrot. Look what they can do…
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My Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot

My Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot

Just hanging out with my bird 🙂 Posted from an instagram story.

Gordy is a Double yellow headed amazon parrot, about 43 years old, originally from Mexico.

A little bit About Me and my bird:
I am the only one that can handle him and any interactions with me are on his terms. He bites! He doesn’t hold back on that. Luckily I don’t have any scars from him but I’ve definitely gotten some bad little bruises.

I’ve learned a lot from this bird, I’ve known him my whole life and he was around way before I was born which is weird to think of. He had some close encounters with death several times. He originally was brought over from Mexico with another parrot, similar to him, except with a red head. Apparently in their early years together they were left in a room with the air conditioner pointed towards them and both fell ill with pneumonia. Gordy survived but unfortunately the red head did not.

This is just one situation where he nearly died and I guess I’m just sharing stories because maybe it could save another parrot. Gordy also had half his beak bitten off by one of our dogs many years ago. That was very scary. I see lots of people who keep dogs and parrots and think their dogs are friends with their parrot (like it’s the garden of Eden or something) and this may be true, since I thought the same…but anything can happen, and it did..nearly cost him his life. That was all our fault; big mistake. He was saved by a very skilled Veterinarian who happen to be the son of a Dentist. Together they molded a prosthetic beak in hopes that the beak would grow back, and thankfully it did.

Thoughts on wing clipping:
I’ve never clipped his wings. Personally I think it’s cruel. I’ve also never cut the tail or ears off a dog or declawed a cat. I just don’t believe in altering an animal for my benefit or amusement. I believe we are meant to bring joy to them and vice versa. Some people disagree and think I’m a bad owner for not clipping his wings. Recently I was at a pet shop and a playful macaw on a perch tried to step onto my shoulder and misjudged her step. She tried grabbing my shirt but her nails were filed down so short she couldn’t hold on. She tried flapping her wings to break her fall but it was no use and fell five feet to the floor; hit her head, cracked her beak and was bleeding. I felt terrible and mad at the pet shop owners. All the birds’ nails cut so short they can’t even properly hold onto their perch without nearly falling and no wings to break their fall; pitiful.
I haven’t taken Gordy there since then and I’ve learned to be aware and cautious of over trimming of the nails. One time I took him for a nail and beak buffing and he came home with nails so short he fell off his perch. Luckily he has wings to break his fall. I’m also questioning the beak and nail buffing procedure since Gordy tends to scream while they work on him and curls his feet. He dreads going. I have to grab him and put him in his carrier to go. I once felt that he was just being a typical parrot, making all sorts of noise, but now I feel that the process might be painful and not sure how I feel about it anymore.

Things I’ve learned about parrots:
They are highly intelligent and require a lot of care and attention. Their living spaces, food, daylight, fresh air, mental stimulation, social interaction; these are all extremely important to keeping them healthy. It kills me to see birds that have plucked themselves because they are depressed and driven mad by being kept indoors in a corner cage with no interaction. To me, this is cruel and is the equivalent of solitary confinement with no windows for a human being.

Anyways that is all for now! The reason I share my experiences is to help others learn from my mistakes and use whatever seems to be working to their advantage. I know these birds are fascinating. I’m still fascinated with them and I have one! It never gets old. I’m constantly learning and not nearly perfect myself. I also come to youtube sometimes to learn from other parrot people.

Polly The Talk Back Parrot | Kids Fun Talking Toy | Unboxing & Review | Moves & Imitates

Polly The Talk Back Parrot | Kids Fun Talking Toy | Unboxing & Review | Moves & Imitates

Do you like this awesome talk back Polly the Parrot!! She repeats after you and Nadia & Amani unbox and review this toy. Watch them talk to the parrot and have lots of fun. The parrot is very clear when speaking and is also very loud! Such a great little parrot! She moved and imitates what yo say. She also flaps her wings and copies your words.

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Meet an engineer who live with 800 birds – Tv9 Gujarati

Meet an engineer who live with 800 birds – Tv9 Gujarati

Surat: It’s a story that almost defies belief. Vishal Patel, an engineer who got an opportunity to study in an American University rejected the offer just because it was not possible for him to live with birds. He chose to live in Surat and made a bird house at his farmhouse. He lives with 800 birds of different breeds.

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10 Minecraft PARROT FACTS! (Minecraft Snapshot 17w13b)

10 Minecraft PARROT FACTS! (Minecraft Snapshot 17w13b)

This Minecraft Snapshot Showcase video features some things you didn’t know about Minecraft! The new Minecraft parrot is an interesting mob and these are the top 10 Minecraft facts about Parrots! Between how to tame a parrot in Minecraft, flying with Minecraft Parrots, and the colors of parrots in Minecraft these are some interesting facts about Minecraft parrots!

✅ 10 Facts About Minecraft Parrots (Minecraft Snapshot 17w13a):
✅ Snapshot 17w13a Information:
✅ Minecraft Parrot Information:
✅ Minecraft 1.12 Snapshot run-down for 17w13a:


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📹 10 Parrot Facts Minecraft 17w13a:
📹 Minecraft 17w13a Snapshot Review:
📹 Top 5 Minecraft Seeds:
📹 5 Optifine Cape Designs:
📹 How To: Optifine Heart Capes:

In this Minecraft snapshot we learn about some things you didn’t know about Minecraft! Minecraft Parrots will be in Minecraft 1.12! Snapshot 13w17a was released on Thursday, March 30, 2017. Minecraft 1.12 Snapshot 13w17b was released on Friday, March 21, 2017. The parrots can be tamed with cookies, they are macaws with a little twist, and they were modeled by RazzleberryFox who created Animania and Decocraft! In addition to parrots, in the Minecraft 1.12 snapshot 17w13a, we also saw an improvement to the achievements section in Minecraft as it is now known as advancements. We will be getting a text to speech option for Minecraft chat with a new narrator. Finally, in addition to other small improvements, there is a new Minecraft crafting recipe book that will be added to your Minecraft crafting table to help remember recipes or help new players.

In previous news about Minecraft 1.12, we learned of the possible color palette change in Minecraft to items like wool, and confirmation of new blocks into Minecraft inclduing terracotta and concrete. Now we have confirmed that we will be getting a new mob in Minecraft – The parrot! We will also be able to dye beds in Minecraft 1.12 and MCPE 1.2 according to Jeb!

This video is focused on the addition of Minecraft parrots! A new mob is always big news so I wanted to share the 10 facts about Minecraft parrots that I have! These interesting Minecraft Facts will help you learn about the new Minecraft mob in Minecraft 1.12!

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🎵 Background: Cecilia Lindh – Manhattan
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