Kakapo |El loro más grande del mundo| (Animales del Mundo) |Especial países|

Kakapo |El loro más grande del mundo| (Animales del Mundo) |Especial países|

Kakapo (Strigops habroptilus)

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Watch a Wildcat Attack a Parrot in Rare Video | Nat Geo Wild

Watch a Wildcat Attack a Parrot in Rare Video | Nat Geo Wild

Rare videos shows an ocelot capturing a macaw on a private reserve in Peru.
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An ocelot captured a red-and-green macaw on a private reserve in Peru. The colorful bird is typically not on the wildcat’s menu. Macaws are shy and cautious. But this bird was busy feeding on clay along a riverbank, so mostly likely it had let its guard down. And the ocelot saw an opportunity it couldn’t pass up. Footage: © Tambo Blanquillo – Private Reserve (Videographer: Darwin Moscoso)

Read the article “Watch a Wildcat Attack a Parrot in Rare Video.”

Watch a Wildcat Attack a Parrot in Rare Video | Nat Geo Wild

Nat Geo Wild




Welcome back to Bird Tameness. FINALLY !
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Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/kbqmEJTr3nU

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Think Parrots Show 2017

Think Parrots Show 2017

his video covers the Big Parrot Event held at Kempton Park Racecourse in Middlesex, which is organised by Parrots magazine (www.parrotmag.com), and where many of the country’s parrot experts and enthusiasts meet. This is a show that combines an exhibition of goods and services as well as masterclasses presented by experts where parrot enthusiasts can gain valuable knowledge on how best to care for their birds. Thanks to West44 Productions (www.west44productions.co.uk) for their assistance in making this video.

Cockatiels Are The BEST Singers! FUNNY and CUTE Cockatiel Whistling – Best COVERS Compilation 2017

Cockatiels Are The BEST Singers! FUNNY and CUTE Cockatiel Whistling – Best COVERS Compilation 2017

Cockatiels are so cute and funny! Especially when they start singing and whistling their favourite songs! They make really great pets.
Did you recognize all the songs? Write it down in the comment section!

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00:00 – 00:23 : Video by TicoiPixi
00:23 – 00:50 : Video by MrsStr1
00:50 – 01:03 : Video by blackwhite810
01:03 – 01:47 : Video by pokomarichard
01:47 – 02:18 : Video by Charming CMC
02:18 – 02:35 : Video by Pat Lucas
02:35 – 03:05 : Video by IraLeeMusic
03:05 – 03:35 : Video by Bilberry55
03:35 – 04:04 : Video by Ghigli
04:04 – 04:27 : Video by Robin Lynn
04:27 – 04:41 : Video by IraLeeMusic
04:41 – 05:08 : Video by Cockatiels- Coco and Charlie Hughes
05:08 – 05:32 : Video by MrsStr1
05:32 – 05:58 : Video by Cindy Seah
05:58 – 06:28 : Video by きょうこおかめいんこ
06:28 – 06:55 : Video by MiracleBabiesNursery
06:55 – 07:11 : Video by Sunny Lu
07:11 – 07:36 : Video by Komik Videolar
07:36 – 07:48 : Video by IraLeeMusic
07:48 – 08:17 : Video by kubby box
08:17 – 08:33 : Video by きょうこおかめいんこ
08:33 – 08:57 : Video by lilacbrandy
08:57 – 09:38 : Video by angelsonginmyheart
09:38 – 10:11 : Video by blackwhite810
10:11 – 10:32 : Video by Pumzilla

Thumbnail: Original photo by Jesse Alveo

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Explanation Parrot Biting and Screaming issues?

Explanation Parrot Biting and Screaming issues?

Understand your birds’ behavior :like our FB page : https://www.facebook.com/BirdsTameness.Inc
Parrots are intelligent, entertaining and beautiful creatures. They may also be the most misunderstood and
frustrating of all animals commonly kept as pets today.Pet parrot behavior is fast becoming the boom sector of the pet industry for the new

Parrot behavior is largely responsible for another fast growing area in the companion parrot world: parrot
sanctuaries. These are the places where people can donate, often for a fee, their treasured pet that they can no
longer stand to live with. The lucky parrots find their way here as many other parrots end up being sold back to
pet shops or in newspapers like used cars. Most often the undesirable behavior of the bird is at the root of his
love-hate relationship.

Some experts have expressed some pretty interesting views about why parrots scream and consequently some
pretty interesting ideas for solutions to the problem. One “behaviorist” blamed a painting of Abraham Lincoln
looking directly at the bird for its screaming problem. She said, “He was a good man but not a handsome man.”
She also scolded the owner of the bird for wearing a back T-shirt with paintings of parrots on it, which scared the
parrot into screaming because all the bird saw was dead parrots! These are fairly wild explanations for something
that, when you look at natural parrot behavior, is very easily understood.Screaming is one of the most natural things a parrot does in the wild and, likewise, one of the most natural things a
parrot does in captivity. At sunup each morning the forests are alive with sounds of parrots claiming their territory
and expressing their well being with various contact calls and other vocalizations. In the wild, parrots scream as
a play behavior, to define territory, and to communicate many messages to other birds in their community. This
form of screaming is innate, driven by instincts, and is one of the reasons that parrots make such challenging pets
for many people. Unfortunately, it is difficult to eliminate instinctive behavior in any organism.
Screaming can easily become a learned behavior in a captive parrot. Behavior is a product of it’s consequence, and
if a parrot’s screaming brings its owner rushing into the room and showing the bird attention, it is very possible
the bird will soon learn to scream for attention.
So, how do you stop a parrot from screaming? That question is similar to how do you stop a dog from playing, or
how do you stop a child from laughing? However, parrots are more independent than both dogs and children and
are more difficult to control with negative interactions, which, unfortunately, are the most common approaches
used to modify behavior with both dogs and children. Few people realize the power of positive reinforcement
and usually resort to the less effective, but easier to use, negative approaches. Many people have tried covering
the cage of a screaming parrot or squirting the bird with a squirt bottle when it screams. These methods generally
produce only marginal results and rarely stop the screaming behavior.
If a parrot’s screaming behavior is learned, or, if the bird vocalizes for a desired response such as getting attention
or other positive reinforcers, it is possible that simply ignoring it may eliminate the screaming behavior. A
behavior that goes unreinforced will eventually extinguish itself. However, screaming in the form of contact calls
in the morning and evening is more hard-wired and is therefore more difficult to modify.
One skilled parrot trainer taught her Blue-fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva) to modify its morning and evening
contact calls by ignoring the bird’s natural loud call and only responding to a soft whistle that the bird had
previously learned from her. The owner went to the extent of freezing when the bird screamed so it could not
even hear her moving in another room. When the bird finally made the soft whistle, the owner would whistle in
response and the bird’s contact whistle was reinforced. Over time, the bird finally replaced its natural loud contact
call with the much more acceptable soft whistle.

“Biting is just part of having a parrot as a pet.” Does that sound familiar? It should. It is the most common attitude
associated with companion parrot ownership. However, this author feels the opposite is true. A parrot owner
should strive to never get bit. That is a pretty bold statement for such a common problem. The fact is that biting is
not a natural behavior for parrots. They don’t bite each other in the wild, at least not hard enough to make another
parrot bleed

for more info visit http://www.naturalencounters.com/images/Publications&Presentations/Understanding_Parrot_Behavior_Naturally-Steve_Martin.pdf

Parrot Watching Other Parrots on YouTube

Parrot Watching Other Parrots on YouTube

KC the sun conure just ADORES all other birds, even those he sees in pictures and videos. Watch him try to kiss and play with these cute sun conures on this phone!

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I Adopted an African Grey! *She was Abandoned*

I Adopted an African Grey! *She was Abandoned*

I adopted this African Grey named Gypsey. Her old owner abandoned her 🙁

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Jealous Cockatoos Compete For Attention, Ends in Angry Tantrum ❤😡| PAROT VIDEO OF THE DAY

Jealous Cockatoos Compete For Attention, Ends in Angry Tantrum ❤😡| PAROT VIDEO OF THE DAY

Hello parrot lovers,
I am on a roll with the Parrot videos of the day!! Today’s video ends in an awesome cockatoo tantrum from no other than Vinny my Galah cockatoo! After Jersey saw Vinny hanging out with Genna she got jealous and cuddled up…but then Vinny went on a rampage and threw his own tantrum!!

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