Parrots Swearing like humans l Compilation

Parrots Swearing like humans l Compilation

Parrots Swearing like humans l Compilation
Watch Funny Parrots Talking and Swearing and Singing Videos Hilarious Compilation Talking Birds
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Funny Parrots Talking Like Humans – Seriously Hilarious!

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Ajaib Parot Lovers Yang Nurut [Dahsyat] [6 Mar 2016]

Ajaib Parot Lovers Yang Nurut [Dahsyat] [6 Mar 2016]

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White Bellied Caique Babies

White Bellied Caique Babies

Hi Everyone,
Thank You for visiting with my babies.
I am Rita from Rainbow Parrots.
Many of my babies go home to families who live in other states.
The purpose of my videos is to introduce my babies to their new families.
Each week as the babies grow and mature their new families get to know their personality.

I hope you all enjoy watching the babies as they grow each week.

For more information about our birds….

What Life Is Like With a Galah Cockatoo | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY

What Life Is Like With a Galah Cockatoo | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY

This Parront Tip Tuesday is about what life is like with a Galah cockatoo! If you are interested in a Galah cockatoo this parrot video may help you decide:) I hope you enjoy this “what life is like” series!

Thank you so much for watching!

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Kakapo ≡오피쓰≡ 부천오피 ♂opss4. com♂ 부천건마

Kakapo ≡오피쓰≡ 부천오피 ♂opss4. com♂ 부천건마

The kakapo is one of the largest species of parrot in the world with the average adult kakapo growing to around 60 cm in height. The kakapo is the heaviest species of parrot in the world and it is due to this weight that the kakapo is one of the few bird species that is unable to fly.
The kakapo is native to the forests of New Zealand and the kakapo is not found in the wild anywhere else in the world. The flightless kakapo is thought to have once thrived in it’s New Zealand habitat due to the fact that there were no mammals that would hunt the kakapo, and this is thought to be another reason as to why the kakapo has evolved to be a ground dwelling bird.

Eclectus Parrot Gotcha Day | 1 Year With Dory

Eclectus Parrot Gotcha Day | 1 Year With Dory

Hi everyone, thanks for watching. Please enjoy this video celebrating one year with Dory, our Eclectus Parrot 🙂


Call to Adventure Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Fretless Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License