My parrots reaction after not seeing me for ten days! Rocky waves!! | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY

My parrots reaction after not seeing me for ten days! Rocky waves!! | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY

ROCKY: The Harlequin Macaw
PICASSO: The Mustache Parakeet
JERSEY: The Umbrella Cockatoo
VINNY: The Galah cockatoo
HOST: Marlene Mc’Cohen

Hello fans of feathered friends!!
If you watched my earlier video, you know that I have been in Costa Rica for almost two weeks and you may have seen my layover in Houston, Texas with my family Parrot, Thai, our Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. Well…a few hours later, I landed in Los angeles and decided to film the birds as I see them for the first time in two weeks. It happens to be after their bed time (Rocky’s is later) so I got there right before my sister put Picasso and Vinny to sleep. Of course, even though Jersey is already covered, she knows exactly what is happening and can’t wait to come out to see!!

I wasn’t feeling well before I left, so even though I wanted to have a video prepared for you guys before I left. My lost voice made it hard to do.
However, today I am uploading more than one video!! I hope you like the storyline of events!!

FUN FACT: If you watch and read the first video today, you’ll know that when I went to Texas, I thought my parents would be there but they were actually at my house in Los Angeles so that is them in the back of the video:) I called them ahead and said, “Sorry, I know I haven’t seen you in a while but I’m walking in, making a video and need to say hi to the birds first!”

Remember, taming a parrot takes time, patience and routine. Some birds will come along faster than others but stick with it. You would never buy a dog to cage him up and birds should be treated with the same love and respect:)

All birds deserve to have a happy life. Lets take steps together to educate people on birds and get them all out of their cages as much as possible!

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African Grey Parrots – Earth Haven Project

African Grey Parrots – Earth Haven Project

Become part of something great – join Earth Haven’s Patreon page here and contribute if you want to change the world and be involved.
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More information on African Grey Parrots –

Cockatoo Loves To Dance With Dad | The Dodo

Cockatoo Loves To Dance With Dad | The Dodo

Cockatoo Loves To Dance With His Dad | This cockatoo can’t stop dancing on his dad’s shoulder because he’s so happy he’s finally loved ❤️

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Getting a parrot!!

Getting a parrot!!

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Timneh and Congo African Grey Eating

Timneh and Congo African Grey Eating

These birds have only eaten from the same bowl about two times. There are a few spats, and you can see a little displaced aggression on the food bowl, but things are relatively laid back. Kudos to the TAG who is not only sharing his food bowl, but his cage. Good boy, Burt!

Unboxing Our FIRST Chewy Order!! (Parrot Supplies)

Unboxing Our FIRST Chewy Order!! (Parrot Supplies)

The birds and I just received our VERY FIRST order from !! Watch us unbox our treasures and show you guys what we received. PLEASE NOTE : I am in no way affiliated with I was NOT asked by Chewy to make this unboxing video. I will not receive any monetary perks from for this video! Thanks and please subscribe!

PLEASE ignore the ugly wrinkled backdrop in this video. My house is currently under construction (we literally just tore down all the walls) so it was better for me to have the sheet than the ugly mess and I couldn’t for the life of me get the wrinkles out!

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