Incredible Talking Parrot Funny Intelligent Birds

Incredible Talking Parrot   Funny Intelligent Birds

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Bird Care – How to Clip Wings

Bird Care – How to Clip Wings

To view the next video in this series click: In this video, FeatherHeads owner Susan van den Broek, covers some of the basics of pet bird care. From outfitting the cage to first aid tips, this video is designed to provide both the beginner and the novice with practical information on caring for and living with a parrot. The video series also describes different types of parrots as well as their native origins.

Patience the African Grey Parrot

Patience the African Grey Parrot

A message about Africa’s parrots from Dr. Rowan Martin, Africa Conservation Programme Manager, World Parrot Trust … and a special parrot named Patience.


The fight to end illegal poaching of wild parrots is one of the more difficult aspects of the work we do here at the World Parrot Trust.

Earlier this year, I was privileged to be part of the release of a group of Grey parrots on Ngamba Island in Uganda. As they ended their harrowing three year journey in the international illegal wildlife trade.

Of the group of Greys awaiting release, there was one that seemed particularly playful. We named this bird Patience, for his courage and tenacity. Patience would walk up one of the poles in the aviary and slide down, again and again. As he did so he’d flap his wings. It was difficult not to imagine he was anticipating the adventure that lay ahead.

While he was in great spirits, upon careful observation we determined he wasn’t quite ready to be released; his flight was not strong enough to meet the challenges he would face in the wild.

The tough decision was made to keep him back and release him when we are sure he has the best chance.

Every day from his aviary Patience watches the lucky released birds as they return to the aviary and fly off into the forests.

With our care and support, he’ll be able to join his flockmates and the thousands of other parrots WPT has helped release throughout Africa soon.

Please join the fight to save parrots like Patience, and ensure parrots continue to fly free in Africa.

Visit to learn what you can do to help.

Parrot Talking, Parrot Dancing, Parrot Singing VIDEOS 5

Parrot Talking, Parrot Dancing, Parrot Singing VIDEOS 5

Hello Everyone, we released out top new video in the occasion of EID !!! Special thanks to : IT technician for organising audio: mostafa Personal trainer for .\r
Funny Parrots Dancing And Singing Songs – – Funny Animal Compilations 2015. СМЕШНОЙ ПОПУГАЙ КЕША КЛЕВО ГОВОРИТ / THE RIDICULOUS PARROT .\r
Sias official music video for Elastic Heart. Click to listen to Sia on Spotify: As featured on 1000 Forms Of Fear. Click to buy .

New species, laughing parrots & long-living chimps

New species, laughing parrots & long-living chimps

Sad news about Thailand’s coin-swallowing turtle, an injured tiger cub on the road to recovery, the contagious laughter of kea parrots and some exciting species discoveries you should know about. All that and more in this week’s roundup of nature news.

For more, visit

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Ram, the African Grey Parrot chants Hari Om Tat Sat & Om Namah Shivaya

Ram, the African Grey Parrot chants Hari Om Tat Sat & Om Namah Shivaya

During the recent Global Gita Conference held at Datta Peetham, it’s convener, Dr. P. V. Nath from United Kingdom, who has translated Pujya Sri Swamiji’s biography into English, was talking to Pujya Gurudeva and Sri Bala Swamiji. He mentioned that parrots of Shuka Vana are able to say “Rama”, “Datta” and other words but might not be able to say “Hari Om Tat Sat”. His wife immediately said that Gurudeva can achieve it if he wishes to.

Ram, the African Grey Parrot was born in Shuka Vana in Mysore Ashrama. It was being taken care by Smt. Lalita & Sri. G. Satyanarayana inside Ashrama. Even after the bird was an year old, it had not started speaking. When it was brought to Sri Swamiji, He took the parrot in His hand and told the bird that it will be sent away from Ashrama if it does not speak. Instantly, it said “Datta”. A little later, it said “Hari Om Tat Sat”. Now, Ram says “Om Namah Shivaya” and other Namas. It is indeed a blessed bird, having got Akashara Abhyasa from Pujya Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji remembers Dr. Nath’s wish and conveys his blessings and good wishes to Dr. Nath, his wife and the volunteers of Shuka Vana.

Cooking with Parrots is a Nightmare!

Cooking with Parrots is a Nightmare!

I am trying to do the impossible – cook dinner with parrots all around. Sir William is busy on the counter trying to eat/chew/ruin everything. KC kept flying around the stove, so he had to be put in his carrier cage. And then little Queen Bean is happy as a clam, sitting there watching her brothers get in trouble 🙂

** ALL of my cookware/bakeware are ceramic for the health and safety of my pets. Also, there was nothing cooking yet while this was being filmed. These birds were not in harms way at all. Please do not comment with your assumptions about Teflon or whatever.**