Дрессированный попугай даёт лапу как собака

Дрессированный попугай даёт лапу как собака

Murzikcat https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCldvKyXeJyo6_txEKF0nN_Q Канал о животных. Видео про котов, которые едят огурцы, хурму, капусту, собак, которые поют, плавают танцуют и воруют еду, как попугаи поют, разговаривают и купаются , а также о серьезных алабаях –волкодавов, преданных и выносливых Кане Корсо и необычных, забавных животных. Описание и рассказы о разных породах кошек и собак.
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Little Live Pets Cleverkeet Parrot | Kids Toy Review | Toys AndMe

Little Live Pets Cleverkeet Parrot | Kids Toy Review | Toys AndMe

Hi friends,
Cleverkeet is so realistic it almost feels like I have a real pet Lol!
I love how it talks to me and answers my question 🙂

Hi friends, you can send me mail here 🙂
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▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktYU2fTsRHw
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▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-GTeVbJ_tY
▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cjr3BZUQfNk
▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvG7m5InDEo
▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPijPn2nI6w
▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Sq_tEbnZmA
▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R95p-xxVTrg

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Toy in other Languages:
खिलौने, brinquedos, ของเล่น, اللعب, igračke, đồ chơi, oyuncaklar, leksaker, juguetes, играчке, игрушки, jucării, тоглоом, leker, اسباب بازی, zabawki, 장난감, トイズ, giocattoli, mainan, játékok, צעצועים, Hračky, legetøj, speelgoed, laruan, jouets, Spielzeug, Παιχνίδια

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This Amazing Dog Helps to Save Endangered Parrots | Short Film Showcase

This Amazing Dog Helps to Save Endangered Parrots | Short Film Showcase

Ajax is a highly-trained border collie who helps locate New Zealand’s endangered kea. This elusive alpine parrot lives in some of the most remote regions of the country’s South Island.
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Together with Corey, his human sidekick, Ajax searches for kea nests to help monitor the population of the species. Director Michael Weatherall highlights the conservation duo and their efforts to save the world’s only mountain parrot.

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This Amazing Dog Helps to Save Endangered Parrots | Short Film Showcase

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Henry (READ LINK IN DESCRIPTION) my 45 year old African Grey parrot

Henry (READ LINK IN DESCRIPTION) my 45 year old African Grey parrot


Update, for those who didn’t already know…
Henry ♥ 1966 – 04/04/2013

Fly free my lovely boy. I love you very, very much. You will forever be in my heart and thoughts.

Henry’s heart gave up at the very end of the operation, while still under anaesthetic, there was absolutely nothing Rob could do to bring him back. I am having him individually cremated and he will come back home to me, where he belongs.

I know a huge number of people have followed Henry’s time with me, from when I first adopted him early in 2009.

Henry was the most laid-back, chilled-out, uncomplicated, accepting and docile (except when he was in the mood for chasing and ‘killing’ my feet, a sport he thoroughly enjoyed) little chap and it was an absolute privilege to have known him and shared my life with him for that relatively short time.

We did all we could to finally get him better but this time, his little heart just couldn’t cope.

There was no option other than to operate (for the third time in as many months), the growth had quickly returned with a vengeance, and due to its location Rob had no option other than to proceed with the greatest of care, for fear of damaging the vagus nerve, which meant a long anaesthetic and operation. I’m just glad that Henry passed away without first coming round from the anaesthetic then going through any distress.

Rob has been fantastic throughout this long episode, in every way, and he was visibly disappointed and frustrated at this final outcome. He said both he and the nurse thought they were home and dry, Rob was literally applying the sutures to the wound when Henry’s heart stopped beating, so it was a nasty shock.

Amazingly Lazy Complaining African Grey Parrot. Tui complains and groans with the effort of walking

Amazingly Lazy Complaining African Grey Parrot. Tui complains and groans with the effort of walking

Tui my 1 yr old watches me workout and has learnt to make “effort noises”. She has started to use them whenever she has to put in a little effort to get a scratch. She also swears when she hurts herself (don’t we all?)

For those interested in training your parrot the right way, I can not recommend highly enough the book by Barbara here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0793805627/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=0793805627&linkCode=as2&tag=mindfhypno-20&linkId=VMSIXFOR6BFCQ2AO

Top Funny Parrots Annoying Cats In The World

Top Funny Parrots Annoying Cats In The World

Top Funny Parrots Annoying Cats In The World

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Cicù volteggia nella gabbia – African Grey parrots plays in his cage

Cicù volteggia nella gabbia – African Grey parrots plays in his cage

La nostra amata mascotte Cicù, un pappagallo Cenerino, torna a farci sorridere volteggiando attaccato a una corda giocattolo nella sua gabbia.

SCHEDA CENERINO: http://animalivolanti.xyz/pappagalli/cenerino/
Sito Web: http://www.animalivolanti.xyz
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He’s naughty, but still so cute!

He’s naughty, but still so cute!

Gotcha the Moluccan Cockatoo.
Letty the African Grey.
Follow Gotcha and family on Instagram!: https://instagram.com/gotcha_the_cockatoo

My curtains will never be left alone lol!!
You can see in the 2nd clip when he spots my phone and then plots how to sneakily steal it 😂
Thanks for watching! 💙

❗️❗️❗️85% of parrots are either resold, given away, or abandoned within just 2 short years of being purchased. ADOPT DONT SHOP! Rescues are full of these wonderful birds, neglected, abandoned, and thrown out by inexperienced and most uneducated people that didn’t know the kind of work and commitment it takes to have birds. STOP UNNECESSARY BIRD BREEDING FOR PROFIT, and help these magnificent creatures.
If you are unable to adopt then please consider donating to a rescue/sanctuary that volunteers their time to help these animals in need. 💚
I cannot stress enough how heartbreaking this sad truth is…. Too many people impulse buy parrots because of cute or funny traits they’ve seen in other birds. ❗️No two parrots are alike…
A life stuck in a cage is cruel and so unfair to these magnificent beautiful creatures.
They deserve the absolute best!
So if you are interested in a parrot, please research, volunteer at a parrot rescue/sanctuary, KNOW what you’re getting yourself into before you take on the work that comes with loving and homing a parrot.
Parrots are a LIFETIME commitment. They can live up to 80+ years!!
I’ve given up many many things to give my two parrots the best life they can possibly have! (Night out, gone on weekends, vacation time, a clean quiet house, extra money.. Etc.)
But to me it’s all worth it, my parrots are my family and I love them like my children!
Please DO YOUR RESEARCH before adopting.
After all, we have our friends, our jobs, and our hobbies…
They only have us💗❗️❗️

Nicki Parrott – The Shadow of Your Smile

Nicki Parrott – The Shadow of Your Smile

Nicki Parrott “The Shadow of Your Smile”
1965年 アメリカ映画 「いそしぎ」の主題歌をニッキ・パロットがロマンティックに歌います。
From the album Nicki Parrott – “The Look Of Love”
[Lyrics to “The Shadow of Your Smile”]

The shadow of your smile
When you are gone
Will color all my dreams
And light the dawn
Look into my eyes, my love, and see
All the lovely things,
you are, to me

Our wistful little star
Was far too high
A teardrop kissed your lips
And so did I
Now when I remember spring
All the joy that love can bring
I will be remembering
The shadow of your smile