Baby African Grey Congo Parrots Being Hand Fed at Golden Cockatoo

Baby African Grey Congo Parrots are hand fed at Golden Cockatoo in Deerfield Beach, FL Phone 877-775-2473. These birds are among the best talkers in the bird world, and are available for sale. Recorded on January 26, 2011.

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  1. I have these cute African Congo grey parrots for re-homing and they are so beautiful and full of sweetness. They are playful, healthy and happy. We love them and you will too. they are up to date health wise. They are also DNA tested and are great talkers and learners. I have pictures to show. We are experienced and can offer help after you accept to re-home them . So interested persons should contact me asap for more infos and pics. text (405) 548-5801 or email now

  2. I really enjoyed watching this little baby grey be spoon fed.I prefer spoon feeding to syringe type.This little grey is soooo cute and soo dependent on you.

  3. i have these my two cute African grey parrots which i am now looking for a new home for them cauze i am now very busy and can no longer take very god care of them any longer . email (

  4. like unixrevolution said the baby birds prefer the environment there. Dark and quiet, like a nest in the wild.

  5. Talkative african grey parrot for adoption. due to our relocation and expectancy of a new born baby, we have decided to look for a pet loving family to adopt and love our parrot. she is 2years old a combination of brains and beauty. she is a great talkative and can produce up to 50basic English words and sing songs in English like jingle bells and happy birthday. contact us if you are able to give her a loving home. kindly contact us at –

  6. The baby birds prefer the environment in there. Dark and quiet, like a nest in the wild.

  7. it is very easy to hand feed. all you do is offer it to them and they take down the feed or tube. i learned in watching it done once when i bought my bird and she was only 2 weeks old and it isnt hard to do.

  8. I have a little question. I am taking care of neighbors African grey, for a month, and he is really frustrated( sad part is that they don't take care of him very well, they only feed him with seeds(sunflowers and nuts)). He is really wild and don't like to interact with anyone. What is the best way to make him at least a little bit more tame. And what food would be good for him? He looks skinny :/

  9. they are so noisy we can barely hear what the woman says xD but they are sooooooo cute x3

  10. @parrot340 The babies are in the buckets from around four weeks to eight weeks. The birds like these buckets as it is darker and quieter.

  11. @riotgamescom We have babies on sale now for $1,097 if you buy a cage, $1,299 if you do not. Call 877-775-2473 and we can give you details. Thanks!

  12. @parrot340 It's the same effect as the baby being in a nest box. They won't be frightend. They have no reason to be.

  13. Hi ther I wunder if I can ask a few Questions please. how old do you put the babies in the draws and at what age do you take them out?? I have used glass tanks in the past but the draws look much easer to clean and cheaper to. how do you find the birds like them. i would be worried that I would scare the birds every time I open the draws up.