Baby and cockatoo engage in precious playtime

Mikey the cockatoo plays with his best friend Gianna in this incredibly heartwarming clip. So cute!

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  1. So, whats the score? It sounds like Villa are keeping it together. . . go on Lions!

  2. Ahhh man this video just melted my heart what a beautiful bond <3

  3. he looked insulted when she removed his beak from the container, then followed her from the room. just too adorable.

  4. sounds like a dog with the nails on the laminate flooring haha so cute

  5. the origins of the game poke the human
    the objective: see how many time you can poke the human before they catch you
    poke poke poke poke poke….woop woop woop woop woop (zoidberg style)

  6. i was scaredat first but i saw how gentle the gird was with the baby, very sweet

  7. Cute until the bird removes a finger.  This is stupid — child endangerment.  The baby does not know any better.  Parent is a jackass.

  8. That's so cute and love the way the baby is laughing just melted my heart .

  9. That baby has a Best Friend for the rest of his or her life, that's adorable

  10. I cannot believe that anyone would allow a Moluccan Cockatoo to play with a baby!!! I'm happy that this baby's parents had so much trust in their bird to not bite the baby's fingers off when he touched its beak. Obviously, a very well disciplined, socialized Cockatoo who is a great playmate for the child. I loved how it walked off with the baby at the end! Too cute and I commend the parents for supervising when the bird is with the child. I'd like to see more videos of these two cuties!