‘Baby’ My African Grey Parrot Talking

A very tiny example of my parrot talking. He says complete sentences at the right times however it is hard to capture these unexpected moments. He is a Male African Grey Parrot. He loves to sit in his perch in my Sunroom in the day time when its not very hot because he can look outside through the glass. He is 11 years old. Please share it with others who love animals.

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  1. His voice sounds very human like. More so than some if the others I've seen.

  2. hahaha beautiful parrot wow thank you partage bon dimanche :-))xx

  3. Hahaha!!! Your bird has a funny voice!!! thanks for share it with me lovely Jean!!! (:D)

  4. I love this video and I love parrots. Thanks for sharing. Kind greetings to Baby!

  5. What a wonder of nature.
    I too have had some parrots, are wonderful.
    I wish you a happy weekend.