Best Buy Parrot Bebop 2 in the House

Best Buy Parrot Bebop 2 in the House

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  1. I was thinking about the Bebop 2 , from what I've heard that's a nice drone. Good point about Black Friday lol.

  2. Aww yeah, Bebop 2 baby!!! Same exact one I got. My favorite GPS drone for sure.

  3. I'm also thinking about getting one of these since they're on sale. It's a good drone package for the price.

  4. Yep,ready to see it in the air, good choice Brian.đź‘Ť

  5. The Bebop has a cool camera just wish you could use a sd card and not the internal storage?

  6. Awe man my brother, so cool you got one. One of these days I will get a real quad that will work right. Man great score, If I get this bebop one working I may see if you want to sell the fpv stuff.

  7. Interesting channel. Liked and subscribed! Please have a look at my channel as well!

  8. cant wait to see this one in action!
    i wish hubsan would adopt the electronic gimbal/stabilizer like the bebop has….

  9. very nice ….be nice to see in the air !! thanks for sharing !!

  10. I just return the Bebop 2 Power FPV. I realized that MJX Bugs 2W is much better in the FPV, flying and built quality. Amazing that an over $500 drone gets beat up by a $150 drone. Bebop is the worst drone in the market for a high price. Just get a Bugs 2 or Hubsan 501SS and add a HD FPV camera and you still have money left to buy another Bugs 2 bugs. They only thing that I thought was cool was the software but the drone is not worth $100 because the MJX drones. I mean, how in the world they sale a crap low quality built drone for over $500. Must be the software, it has to be the software that you are paying for.

    Things to look for when you get this horrible product:

    1. The battery is odd, be careful not to break the nob
    2. On my I need to cal Super-Man to install the props. I was able to install one but the other 3 was impossible to install by hand using the little gear thing. Just right there is a huge problem.
    3. Don’t press land… it will drop from the sky.
    4. An egg has a stronger shew. be delicate when you hold the drone.
    5. Don’t turn the drone facing you or your FPV goes by by.
    6. The remote is built wrong, the phone/tablet turns to the wrong direction.
    7. Should I continue?
    8. If you got one, do yourself a favor, return this drone. Not worth $100. For real!