Bibi African Grey Parrot – Intelligence & Personality

This is a video of Bibi promoting her own reality “Road Trip” show! The video also has some great moments that shows Bibi talking about what she is doing and talking with people in the room.

Bibi the Bird wants to take a road trip to meet some of her fans in person at nursing homes, schools and hospices. Help support this project before Monday May 14th:

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  1. hi bibi i know the human flock are busy with xmas coming ill tell you bibi i dont like it it makes me sad i loved it when younger i hope you all have a lovely time which is youre most recent video please lol take care xxx

  2. aw im sorry bibi well youre a lady yes i did know einstein was a boy thanks for the reply lol from the uk xx

  3. i saw you bibi when you visited einsteins home youre a nice boy xxx

  4. I have these cute African Congo grey parrots for re-homing and they are so beautiful and full of sweetness. They are playful, healthy and happy. We love them and you will too. they are up to date health wise. They are also DNA tested and are great talkers and learners. I have pictures to show. We are experienced and can offer help after you accept to re-home them . So interested persons should contact me asap for more infos and pics. text (405) 548-5801 or email now

  5. Parrots do much more than mimic sounds. Bibi constructs her own sentences to amuse herself and to convey what she wants. If you watch her on her live webcam, you would soon find out that she is very intelligent. We certainly don't sit around saying "I want a berry" or "Bibi wants to step up" — those are her own thoughts.

  6. cute but repeating doesn't show intelligence it shows mimicking abilities.