Bird Care : Different Species of Parrot

More than 300 different species of parrots come from all over the world, such as Africa, Australia and South America. Learn about the different species of parrots with tips from a bird caretaker in this free video on birds. Expert: Madeline Franco Bio: Madeline Franco has been working with birds since age 7, and is a work-at-home “Bird Mom” for approximately 30 birds. Filmmaker: Michael Burton

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  1. they are all so beautiful, i have 3 cockatiels at home and as i watched this they were all watching so cute. What you do is great keep it up!

  2. Your Great……. You have a good collection of parrots I love them…….

  3. were do you live becouse we would like you to teach our bird

  4. were do you live becouse we would like you to teach our bird

  5. That is because it is tamed. An untamed one can be a monster.
    *Caique, not Kiek

  6. then y do u get a restricted parrot u @*%&# then how did ur friend get it?…thts right she illegally caught it be ashamed….

  7. i love parrot i hope one day i buy it
    when my birthday i want to buy parrot with large cage

  8. Plucking is a typical behavioral problem, basically meaning, they either a: got bored or b: wasn’t paid enough attention and love

    therefore the cure is simple 🙂 just keep loving him, as well as keep him entertained and a good well balanced eclectus diet to grow the feathers back
    How ever if he has been plucking for a long time he may have damaged the… folicals? the part where feathers grow from, from being plucked too much,and may never grow back :c wish you luck!

  9. Interesting video! Great for us bird lovers! Parrots are wonderful birds and so beautiful!

  10. I adopted an eclectus parrot, he is the sweetest bird, but he pluck himself. I just want to know what can I do to help him. I took him to the vet and she said that he was healthy, but it looks like his ex-owner did not feed him well, and that’s why he got that plucking habit. I love him and he deserves to have his feathers so he doesn’t get cold in the winter. please help me!

  11. It’s spelled Caique and there are two varieties, Black Headed and White Bellied.

  12. I don’t know that much about birds but I’m from Australia and I work at a bird park.
    You said that most parrots in old world are cockatoo’s. This type of parrot only makes up 1/20 of parrots in Australia. Otherwise good informative video

  13. Winston Churchill had a Blue and Gold macaw that lived past 100. I think the bird may still be alive and is like 108 years ol now.

  14. The hyacinth Macaw can, others live as much as 50 years or so. You should provide plans for your parrot in your will, since it is possible they will out live you in some cases. Make sure you discuess your plans, since many relatives don’t want the responsibility of caring for your bird.

  15. Is it trus that parrots live like at least a hundred years or so and when you do get a parrot, you have to write a will?