Bird Paradise HAUL! and NEWS ABOUT OUR 4TH PARROT!!!

GUYS! We are getting our 4th parrot! Check out this video of our awesome haul from the best parrot store in America, Bird Paradise! After we show off our stuff, we talk about our new buddy who is soon to join our parrot family. And again, please bare with us with using the white sheet background. Our home is still under construction and probably will be for a long time. I also noticed this video is not 100% with quality. I have no idea why!! Ugh!!

Instagram : Parrot_Sir_William

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  1. Please ignore the sheet as a background. Our house is still under construction and will be for the rest of the summer, possibly into the fall. Anyway, thanks for viewing this video and please subscribe!

  2. Charlie is amazing! Hes a funny guy. He seems to be adjusting well. I can't wait to make videos with him. 🙂