BIRD ZONE KARACHI | Fully Active Healthy & tamed Patagonian Conure parrot

Fully Active Healthy & tamed Patagonian Conure parrot available for sale @ Birdzone karachi for detail call 03332279021, 03139255506 & 03332494117 Cash on delivery service for Karachi customers only Cargo facility allover pakistan.



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Keeping birds is not just a hobby; it is a commitment. A commitment to provide your pet birds the best environment, the best feed and the best life that you can. We have been breeding parrots for over two decades now and it was our commitment towards providing our parrots the best of everything that we went on and in 2005 founded, Pakistan’s first ever forum where bird fanciers from all over Pakistan came together to discuss, share and improve everything related to our feathered friends.

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