Birds Trip to the PET STORE!

All the local pet stores know us we take different birds to the stores on a regular basis. They draw lots of attention and proplr just love to talk to them. Plus they have learned they can pick out their own toys. Just getting to come means that they uasually get extra treats.

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  1. lol at the end the bird's just like *NO THIS IS MY CART om nom nom nom*

  2. @thekingofdragons101
    No. Its a local privately owned pet store.

  3. Awesome. I've wanted to do this with my baby for a long time. And not just pet stores, everywhere.

    He don't care much for my leaving and is very subordinate. I manhandle my gorgeous borgeous all day, 'erey day

  4. aww thats cute.
    I love it when people take their pets to the petstore. :]

  5. @LiveFromtheBasement Nope it was a total of $300. The owners couldn't take them any more. They wanted to be free from careing for them so they could go on vacations and travel. They said the birds keep them from being able to do that.

  6. Wow shes there owner and she cares for them why would they fly away from her!

  7. We rarely take the birds into pet shops. We only take the strongest of birds in these days because of so much danger of disease also.

  8. Ohhh noo we are very sure to clean anything. Harlie will actually hold it up to 2 hours. I try to take her to a grassy area and do a shake shake on my arm and she will go on command.

  9. thats awesome they must be such well socialized birds with you taking them everywhere but i always thought people say not to take your birds to pet stores because they could get diseases?

  10. Actually I am VERY careful to avoid most dogs. People in pet stores have their dogs on leashes also. I have never run across a out of control do in a pet store in 5 years.

  11. We paid $300. each for them 5 years ago. I think in england that aprox 650lbs.

  12. ah ok thats why i wondered why they had no intentions of flying off, they are awesome birds pitty they are so expensive, you probably have better prices in America in Australia they are bloody expensive.

  13. I cut their wings once a year. 🙂 the rest of the year they are flighted. This causes more of an attitude, = (free spirit) But that's OK we have an aviary for that.

  14. You know its funny because I used to work and Petsmart and now I take my rescued B&G and my cockatoo with me and thay is how we pick out toys! Plus they always want to stay on the buggy too!

  15. LOL! They looked like they wanted to stay at PetSmart and keep playing with all the toys. Very cute video.

  16. Peep I found a dog harness I cut off the dog part and replaced with soft elastic to fit Allie. I just about pitched a fit, that it fits her. Size small, fits her.

    Allie was SO cute running around the back yard with a leash on.

    I am being very careful though. I dont want to effect her natural egg process or hurt her in any way.

  17. Severe Macaws are smaller and not as hard as B&G's. They do still live a LONG time. You need to do more homework if your still asking though.

    I would describe human/bird relationship as a mairage, because thats how much attention they need. The only difference is you can never stop paying attention unless you want destructive behavior.

    If you think it wont happen… think again. birds are as demanding as humans.

  18. Yes at that time their wings were clipped. And they are definitely loving enough with us to stay on the cart.

  19. That's way cool. I try to get our birds out as much as possible safely. It's a task for sure.

  20. We take ours to Petsmart. They LOVE to watch the fish in the tanks.

  21. Great video! Our umbrella cockatoo "Sabrina" loves going to Petsmart to pick out her own toys & treats. However, she cannot ride in the car, she get carsick and pukes after a couple miles, so daddy has taught her to ride on the Harley with him, and she loves it! If she hears the motorcyle start up and she's not on it she gets mad. Look for Sabrina riding her motorcycle in Spartanburg, sc. Also see her videos on utube funauntkelley