African Grey Parrot Rescue Update | PARROT TALK

African Grey Parrot Rescue Update  | PARROT TALK

Hey guys,
So here is Cody’s first moments in my house… A lot of videos will follow this one But I will upload those later tonight. I was up all night with Cody, getting him comfortable and learning about him.

At this point in this video, no one knows that I brought an African Grey to the house, it’s just me alone, working with the bird. My sister is camping so she has no reception and George is working very late. I decided to not tell him and see what happens when he comes home and sees Cody. I will do my best to film it for you guys! I think he will at first think that it is his friends African Grey who is also named Picasso. From what I understand, the bird prefers men, so as much as Cody seems to like me now, (how he let me scratch his head when I first met him), he may change his mind when he meets George 🙂 It’s very possible he will latch on to the first man he feels comfortable with until we socialize him to be good around everyone else again.

It’s very possible that Cody knew I would get him out of there so he took his chance at any attention and behaved himself. If a bird isn’t getting any attention ever and he wants it, he can take it all in until he finds “his one” and then drop everyone else. Which is why he will need a lot of socialization regardless.

So I’m going to feed the other birds and put them to bed. I am going to do my best to separate them so they get some quarantine time, but Jersey has already heard Cody and is really trying to meet him, which is why I will focus on getting them to bed first. Then Cody will sleep upstairs in my room with me in the spare cage I have up there.

Keep tuning in to see his journey. I hope these videos are of some help, if not sun to follow along and see what a life we can give him.

Macaw and African grey parrots for sale(

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My Green Taking parrot make amazing sounds

My Green Taking parrot make amazing sounds

this is the video of my green indian ring neck parrot talkative and amazing hand tamed bird this is the video of my cocktail parrot this pair is so amazing breederd and the average of chicks is very good , white cocktail , common white cocktail , common gray parrot, amazing breeders
Cocktails are the smallest birds in the family of cocatoo they are so intelleginat and amazing brids you can easily train them they have perfect voice for singing , cocktail parrots are amazing breeders some cocktails have cocktails are the most famous birds as pet people have austrilan buddgies at first place as pet and the 2nd no is cocktail use to have as pet bird ,

in this video i will show you my Australian buddies parrots with chicks mother have 5 chicks with him you can see in the video , most amazing birds from australia these parrot breed very well and most popular pet bird in the bird austrilan birds are so amazing and they give good production in the breeding seasson ,
IT this video i will show you different types of parrots , like love birds, Austrailan budges hope you will like my video
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this market is in lahore , you can see the beauty of parrot ,,
love birds , Australian , parrots , green parrot ,
i have alot of bird in my cage , cockatiel bird and aurstralian bird are in same cage some time they fight with each other but they are are laying eggs in the colony cockatiel parrot are looking huge in from on austrilan buddgies
#Australian #Parrot#birds#PAkistan#cocktail#
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Bird Care – How to Clip Wings

Bird Care – How to Clip Wings

To view the next video in this series click: In this video, FeatherHeads owner Susan van den Broek, covers some of the basics of pet bird care. From outfitting the cage to first aid tips, this video is designed to provide both the beginner and the novice with practical information on caring for and living with a parrot. The video series also describes different types of parrots as well as their native origins.

Where Parrots Live – Parrots For Kids – Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

Where Parrots Live – Parrots For Kids – Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers
Spelled out next are places or areas where kids can naturally explore these well-known parrot species.

Love birds

They are small parrots with short blunt tail. They live in many African countries, including Tanzania, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Angola, and Ethiopia, among others.

Ring-necked parakeets

They are parrots that can cope with different types of weather conditions. They don’t only stay in unfazed environments, but they as well stay in disturbed habitats in a number of Asian and African countries.

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Budgerigars or Shell Parakeets

They are seed-eating, long-tailed, small Australian parrots. They normally live in the drier parts of Australia.


They are medium to large parrots. They can be explored in the wild of Australia and in undomesticated environments of a number of Asian countries as well.

Kids can learn more about parrots at Zahra Jazeel and John Davidson’s Parrots for Kids – Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers kindle edition at today!

Nicki Parrott – I love the way you’re breakin’ my heart

Nicki Parrott  – I love the way you’re breakin’ my heart

Art – Rob Hefferan
I love the way you’re breaking my heart
It’s terribly, terribly, terribly, terribly thrilling
I love the way you’re breaking my heart
Although you’re gonna ruin it
It’s heaven while you’re doin’ it
I love the way I feel when we kiss
You’re terribly, terribly, terribly irresistible
Sigh to me, and lie to me, you really know how
It’s gonna hurt tomorrow, but it feels so good now
So darling, just keep playing your part
Take your time and really finish the things that you start
‘Cause I love the way you’re breaking my heart!

Tiny Thief: Part-3 The Cursed Treasure [Red Parrot Tavern, The Wandering Fear & Yer Treasure Map]

Tiny Thief: Part-3 The Cursed Treasure [Red Parrot Tavern, The Wandering Fear & Yer Treasure Map]

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Join Tiny Thief on a big adventure!

In a world of greed, corruption and injustice, one little guy decides to stand up for the little guy! Say hello to Tiny Thief, an unconventional hero who uses cunning and trickery to out-smart his opponents across six epic medieval adventures. But beware! He faces fearsome foes, like the Dark Knight, rogue pirates and even a giant robot!

Tiny Thief brings back the magic from the point-and-click games of old, charming you with its very own visual style and offbeat sense of humor.

The game throws some seriously mind-boggling puzzles at you, with tons of surprising interactive gameplay elements along the way. So get ready to embark on an epic quest to save a princess and kingdom in peril!

Six big adventures — sneak and steal your way through six epic quests, featuring an awesome pirate ship and daring castle siege!

Use cunning and skill — out-smart your tricky opponents using the element of surprise and some downright sneakiness!

Unexpected surprises — explore fully interactive levels and uncover hidden treasures and other surprises at every turn!

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Released: Jul 11, 2013
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