Parrot School bloopers

Parrot School bloopers

Meet the parrot school class of 2017 bloopers.
Trying to get 3 birds to sit still is hard work! Especially when one of those birds can’t be handled (Opal).

If you have a keen eye, you’ll notice I was wearing a different shirt, that is because I was try to film before going out, I had to change outfits.
I was unable to get the complete video started before I had to leave, so I filmed when I got back, luckily by time I got back the birds were tired so they sat still long enough for me to get what I needed. 🙂

Meet the parrot school 2017 class

Meet the parrot school 2017 class

My parrot school class of 2017, who will graduate this year?

Parrot School is an old series I did on my first channel, I decided to bring it back.

1 1/2 years.

9 months

1 1/2 years

almost 6 years

over 6 years

16 1/2 years

Past students:
Started at 2 1/2 years
She never graduated, she died before she started her second year.

Started 2 1/2 years
Never graduated, she died before her third class in her first year.

Started at 7 months
He never graduated, he died before his second year.

Students who work together:

Past students who worked together.
Clicky and Cassie did their couple classes together.

Chrissy and Elvis did first year together.

Man Kisses a Parrot and the Parrot Screams Like a Lady

Man Kisses a Parrot and the Parrot Screams Like a Lady

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Australian WILD Parrots Eating Lunch

Australian WILD Parrots Eating Lunch

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Can Animals Think? What Birds Can Tell Us About Animal Intelligence

Can Animals Think? What Birds Can Tell Us About Animal Intelligence

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