Quaker Parrot Baby Quaking

Quaker Parrot Baby Quaking

Kiwi, the quaker parrot we rescued after she fell from the palm tree, is enjoying one of her last baby food meals. Note how she quakes when she is about to eat. That is why they are called “Quaker” parrots! She took a little of her fine pellet mix today, but still loves getting her baby food from Daddy!

Funny birds – Parrots Talking Birds – Best talking parrot animals video

Funny birds – Parrots Talking Birds  – Best talking parrot animals video

Funny birds – parrots Talking Birds – Best talking parrot animals video
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Do you have parrot in your home? If yes please comment under this video or show your cute parrot’s type
Parrot is the smart animals and cute it can talk with human and understanding human’s word after we taught it.
The parrot has live with people and love them. There are many kind of breeds,Since my cute parrot live with me they are very smart.
Budgerigar Also known as the Budgie, or Parakeet, this common little bird is capable of learning a large number of phrases and songs.
Their voice tends to be low and not always defined, and males tend to train better than females.
Monk Parakeet — Also called the Quaker Parakeet, this colorful little bird is actually a small parrot.
They are known for being very clever and social, developing large vocabularies of phrases and words.
Blue-Fronted Amazon — If you want a companion for life, this is a good fit. The Blue-Fronted can live for up to 100 years,
or more. They have an excellent speaking voice, with a strong ability to mimic human voices.
Indian Ringneck — Very clever little birds, Indian Ringnecks can develop a large vocabulary,
and speak very clearly in sentences. Not so much for mimicking the pitch of a human voice,
they more often speak in their own bird voices, though they can carry the mood of the phrase.
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Life with “LUCKY”, our African Grey Parrot, Sailing around the CARIBBEAN! – Part 3

Life with “LUCKY”, our African Grey Parrot, Sailing around the CARIBBEAN! – Part 3

Hilarious video and part of our new series with our amazing African Grey Parrot “LUCKY” as she shows a bit of her character while wandering around our sailboat “Sophisticated Lady’ in the Caribbean. “LUCKY” has lived onboard full time for almost 10 years and has developed quite an astute personality in addition to her overwhelming vocubulary of several hundred words, phrases, sentences, sounds, etc.

In that amount of time she has also gained over 60,000 sea miles and has proven without a doubt that parrots can easily take to life on the sea. She has been extensively socialized and accompanies us ashore for many a happy hour… she is likely one of the most photographed African Greys in the world, and loves the attention… until she’s had enough and tells me she’s ready to go home, Lol.

You’ll see more of “LUCKY” in our upcoming adventures, so sit back and enjoy her antics… and in “LUCKY’s” own words… “Walk the Plank You BUM!” Lol

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How to Care for an African Grey Parrot | Pet Bird

How to Care for an African Grey Parrot | Pet Bird

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Dr. Laurie: Perhaps the smartest species of bird that we treat is the African Grey Parrot. They’re very familiar birds, we see them all over the place. They’re grey and most of them have some red trimming underneath their feathers on their tail and they’re brilliant birds. They are very interactive. They talk probably more than any other species we see, and because they are so socially needy and they really crave attention from their owners, sometimes we get into problems as well, with picking at their feathers and mutilating their skin.

Realize again these birds live in flocks, of thousands of birds in the wild. They’re used to being around other birds all day long. They have jobs. They look for nest sites and mates and food and when we put them in a cage, they’re really left there pretty bored. So if you’re going to have an African Grey Parrot there are some special considerations you need to make. You want to talk about that, Sarah?

Sarah: Sure. One of the biggest recommendations we have for African Grey Parrots is foraging and starting early, giving them things to rip up, giving them ways to look for their food, giving them ways to work for their food. Training, teaching them things, keeping their minds busy. African Grey’s are so very smart and I think a lot of times we don’t supply enough mental stimulation for them and that’s where we go into behavioral problems.

Especially with feather picking, where they’ll start to pull out their feathers. Unfortunately, once that starts it’s very difficult to stop, because oftentimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the problem started. If your bird does start feather picking it’s always a good idea to have them checked out by your veterinarian anyway, because aside from behavioral issues, other problems can cause feather picking. Internal illnesses and other things like that. So it’s always a good idea to bring them to the veterinarian, if they do start that behavior.

Dr. Laurie: Absolutely. I mean if you’re going to have an African Grey Parrot, African Grey’s can live 34 years, sometimes even longer and they do have some special needs. They require an adequate amount of calcium in their diet. We used to see years ago when we saw fewer birds eating pellets; which are actually what we recommend they’re nutritionally complete; years ago when they were eating seed, we would see quite a few problems with African Grey’s in particular, where they actually tremor and seizure.

Fortunately, we don’t see that anymore, but it so important to provide them with proper nutrition. With stimulation, the television, the ability to rip and shred and tear, since that’s really a part of their natural behavior in the wild. Then again, you just need to make sure that before you get an African Grey, you think about planning ahead for these birds. Good nutrition, good foraging, lots of attention.

Parrot – Wheatley PMV

Parrot – Wheatley PMV

It’s 2015 and I’m still obsessed with this goober.
But HEY I think this is the longest thing I’ve done, and the first thing i’ve done with a WHOLE SONG lolwhat??????
Anywho, I felt the need to do this bc this song fits the wheat really well. He just says some of the dumbest things and can’t seem to help it. Consider this to be a retelling of Portal 2 from Wheatley POV.
The first few shots were sorta borrowed from Blue Sky because there isn’t much of anything canon about Wheatley before Portal 2 except that he was designed to make GLaDOS dumber. Then it’s just wheatley finding chell and raising heck in aperture with his moronic-ness.
I woulda used cores and whatnot but cats seemed to fit bc it’s a cute song so cute cats are in order.
Song is “Parrot” by Stepdad. I don’t own it, nor am i profiting off this video.
i forgot half of what i was gonna say.
Also, thanks a million for over two thousand subscribers! I have a video planned, but if that falls through, consider this my thanks i guess xD
I hope you enjoyed this! I’d love to hear what you think!
Programs Used:
Adobe Flash CS5.5 and CC.
Adobe Premiere CC
Adobe After Effects CC
Time taken – Not sure the exact amount but it was spread out over a month, during which this was my top priority.

Also, I realize that there is another video to this song that is very similar stylistically. I did not intend to rip off that video; any similarities are 100% coincidental.

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