8 Parrot Training Do’s & Don’ts | Parrot Training

8 Parrot Training Do’s & Don’ts | Parrot Training

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Some dos and don’ts of parrot training. Do remember that parrots are birds, first and foremost. You can’t just think that they’re a dog and they’re going to automatically open up to people. They’re naturally wild animals and you have to let them express their birdedness. It might involve some flying, some screaming.

You have to accept them and live with it. We’re going to try to encourage best behavior within that scope that we can, but you do have to accept them as the bird that they are. Do work on your relationship, first and foremost. This is the basis of successful trick training. Your parrot needs to trust you and be able to step on your hand, allow you to hold it and grab it.

By developing the relationship, you’re able to achieve everything else. Without a solid relationship in place, you can’t expect to have successful trick training. Don’t expect results immediately. Training is a time-consuming process. Sometimes it’s a matter of repetition, but sometimes it’s just a matter of doing it enough days or enough months in a row for it to sink into the parrot that this is the routine and habit that it needs to be in.

Don’t train your parrot when it is tired. Don’t push your parrot beyond its limits. Don’t do anything to scare your parrot. Instead, break it down into smaller pieces that it can manage and work on it from there. If you remember nothing else, remember not to give up. This is a time-consuming, difficult process. Parrots are difficult animals. It’s not easy. It wasn’t easy for me. It’s not going to be easy for you.

I understand that this is a difficult process that’s going to take a lot of time and patience. But the most important thing is that you persevere. The only way that you can guarantee failure is by giving up. If you don’t give up, that’s the one way that you can ensure that you’re going to work towards manageable goals and achieve what you’re looking to get with your bird. Please refer to my book, “The Parrot Wizard’s Guide to Well-Behaved Parrots”, for more tips and tricks about building the relationship with your parrot.

BTT: Parrot Training 101 – The Basics of Training Your Parrot

BTT: Parrot Training 101 – The Basics of Training Your Parrot

This week Dave and Jamieleigh talk and demonstrate all things clicker training and conditioning and touch training/target training troubleshooting.

Whether your bird is afraid of the targetting stick, aggressive towards it, won’t even come near it, wants to play with it, flies away from it, refuses to train, doesn’t understand a clicker and you don’t know how to use one… we cover it all in this video.

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Quaker Parrot Baby Quaking

Quaker Parrot Baby Quaking

Kiwi, the quaker parrot we rescued after she fell from the palm tree, is enjoying one of her last baby food meals. Note how she quakes when she is about to eat. That is why they are called “Quaker” parrots! She took a little of her fine pellet mix today, but still loves getting her baby food from Daddy!

Funny birds – Parrots Talking Birds – Best talking parrot animals video

Funny birds – Parrots Talking Birds  – Best talking parrot animals video

Funny birds – parrots Talking Birds – Best talking parrot animals video
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Do you have parrot in your home? If yes please comment under this video or show your cute parrot’s type
Parrot is the smart animals and cute it can talk with human and understanding human’s word after we taught it.
The parrot has live with people and love them. There are many kind of breeds,Since my cute parrot live with me they are very smart.
Budgerigar Also known as the Budgie, or Parakeet, this common little bird is capable of learning a large number of phrases and songs.
Their voice tends to be low and not always defined, and males tend to train better than females.
Monk Parakeet — Also called the Quaker Parakeet, this colorful little bird is actually a small parrot.
They are known for being very clever and social, developing large vocabularies of phrases and words.
Blue-Fronted Amazon — If you want a companion for life, this is a good fit. The Blue-Fronted can live for up to 100 years,
or more. They have an excellent speaking voice, with a strong ability to mimic human voices.
Indian Ringneck — Very clever little birds, Indian Ringnecks can develop a large vocabulary,
and speak very clearly in sentences. Not so much for mimicking the pitch of a human voice,
they more often speak in their own bird voices, though they can carry the mood of the phrase.
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