New orca protections, tool-toting crows & an epic moose battle

New orca protections, tool-toting crows & an epic moose battle

An endangered big cat shows signs of recovery in Afghanistan, researchers add another animal to the elite list of tool-toting species, mass horseshoe crab deaths baffle scientists, an epic moose battle caught on camera and what’s the deal with California’s new Orca Protection Act?

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Foraging Parrot Toys

Foraging Parrot Toys

Find the perfect foraging toy for your parrot at
Foraging is a natural behaviour exhibited by all parrots in the wild. Foraging can be both mentally and physically stimulating to your pet parrot (bird).
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How to Use Foot Toys For Parrots | Parrot Toys

How to Use Foot Toys For Parrots | Parrot Toys

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Green Parrot Says Kiss Me

Green Parrot Says Kiss Me

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Air pollution: Dirty old birds can show changes in air pollution over last 135 years – TomoNews

Air pollution: Dirty old birds can show changes in air pollution over last 135 years – TomoNews

CHICAGO — Researchers analyzed the amount of soot on birds in museums from Rust Belt cities to track air pollution over the last 135 years.

A new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows the discoloration of birds in museum collections can be used to estimate the amount of black carbon air over time, Science Daily reported.

Researchers from The Field Museum and the University of Chicago sampled over a thousand birds collected over the last 135 years to find out and quantify the effects of soot in the air in Rust Belt cities like Chicago, Detroit and Pittsburgh.

To track changes in sootiness, the scientists photographed the birds and measured the light reflected off of them.

They found that older birds were dirtier and new birds were cleaner. The team discovered that soot on birds closely tracks the use of coal over time.

Researchers also pointed out that even though newer birds are cleaner, it doesn’t necessarily mean U.S. air is less polluted. Many of the pollutants released into the atmosphere today aren’t as easily tracked as soot.

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Parrot key resort-Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrot Facts

Parrot key resort-Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrot Facts

Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrot Facts
lilac-crowned Amazon is a local parrot on the Pacific Shield of Mexico. Also known as Finnish Amazon, a part is characterized by a green palm, a brown front and a purple blue crown.
This bird’s reminiscent of the German naturalist and explorer Otto Finnsk.In 2006, BirdLife International classified this species as weak. In 2014, the IUCN became extinct. Crown with Amazon Lilac is a medium-sized break, mainly green. It has a brown face, a purple blue crown and a bone fur. It looks like a red-crowned Amex that reddish red colour is red through Amigenius.

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Truman Cape Parrot – Happy 7th Birthday!

Truman Cape Parrot – Happy 7th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Truman! Truman the Brown-Necked Cape Parrot turned seven years old today. We are celebrating by reflecting on the long way he has come with us as a family and with special birdday cake treats.

In this video, Marianna talks about Truman’s past and her relationship with him. Then she gives Truman a special bird-food cake that she baked to celebrate his hatch day. You can see additional videos and highlights of Truman’s upbringing here:

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