Blood Parrot Cichlid Care 🐟 How To Care for Blood Red Parrot Fish

Blood Parrot Cichlid Care 🐟 How To Care for Blood Red Parrot Fish | Facts and Information | Setting Up a Blood Parrot Tank

How To Care For Blood Parrot Cichlids is a video that was made to provide more information on how to properly care for a Blood Parrot cichlid. We talk about how to raise Blood parrots into happy healthy fish be explaining their needs.

The Red Parrot cichlid fish is a super personable fish. Learn about how to care for your red parrot cichlid. We discuss how to properly set up a Blood Parrot cichlid aquarium fish tank, Talk about what to feed, what tankmates work and how many to keep in an aquarium. Join us in a video explaining the fading process and how to raise a Red parrot fish from juvenile to adulthood.

We also look at basic requirements of proper blood parrot fish care and go over minimum tank sizes recommended to house red parrot cichlids successfully.Blood Parrots require at least 40 gallons per single fish in order to really take care of Blood parrot cichlids properly. These fish are hybrid cichlids and can range in size. Though they aren’t the fastest growers, the freshwater parrot cichlid can range from 6″-12″ depending on type when full grown. It is important to provide them adequate space to grow to their full size potential.

Blood Parrot fish are known to be fairly aggressive like most central American cichlids. They are territorial by nature and enjoy having hide out areas in their tanks. When setting up a red blood parrot cichlid fish aquarium it is ideal to provide multiple nesting areas and hide outs.

Freshwater blood parrot cichlid care can be very rewarding. Blood Parrots are super inquisitive, curious fish and are a lot of fun to keep. They can live anywhere from 5-10 years plus with optimal care.

We like to feed our blood parrot fish high quality cichlid pellets that use whole ingredients. Foods that also have natural color enhancers can work well.

They are best kept between 24-28 Degrees Celsius. They are hardy and will tolerate a wide PH and GH/KH range but optimally they are best kept near neutral (7.0-7.5 PH) When caring for blood parrot fish, consistency is preferred over an exact target range.

Blood parrot cichlid fish will get to a decent size and produce a large amount of waste. Please consider this when stocking your aquarium.


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  1. I'm so glad I found you, I learnt a lot…I will be changing out my gravel for sand…What kind did you say is best?I have a couple who just laid eggs 3 days ago, so I guess don't get my hopes up? (she is very protective)..I have a orange and white fish that looks like the white one you have swimming in the background…please come see my video and tell me what I have. I'm subscribing thank you for this video!!❀️

  2. i have 4 in my 75 gallon along with a firemouth and 10 black skirt tetras and mine only took 1 day to warm up to me not shy at all

  3. My autn gave me 6 blood parrot babies about 4-5 inches, 2 paired up and layed about 100 eggs, some are brown and some are white, ive heard the eggs wont come out but my aunt had them do it also there are only blood parrots in her tank, help please I dont know what to do

  4. Hi guys long time not chat. Bloody youtube had unsubbed me from your channel.

    I'm getting my first blood red tomorrow, I had won 4 jewel cichlids at my local fish club, they are pretty but way to aggressive for me, even attacking my plecos so giving them away and getting one.

    Would a 44g be OK for one?

  5. Ohhh that beautiful aquarium and very nice tips of care a blood parrot!!! β€πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. I want some Parrot Fish but I have a few questions.. Best food? What to use to clean it and how often? One pump or two pumps?

  7. I got a parrot fish today, he is super welcoming and not shy at all! I'm so happy. Chester is the best decision I've ever made-expensive-but worth it!

  8. hey great video, i ve just got some questions though, i bought 3 of these maybe like a month ago, ive got a 160L tank, i provided them a good amount of hiding spots, but it seems like they go nuts and dart to hide as soon as i approach near the tank, but when i walk away they come out, really active swims around just like any other fish. will they warm up to me eventually? i dont mind it takes time, but it seems like they really hate me.

  9. I have 2 in a 90 gal tank .. they have never been shy . lol . I can hand feed them .. They are now about 6 years old .. What has suprised me is they get along with most every one in the tank .. I will miss them when they have gone !!

  10. I have some questions….I have adopted two parrot ciclids that were a surrender. I got them from a pet store, that is basically just a fish store. They were only there a week. I have hadΒ them Β for a couple of days now and they wontΒ  eat. They were really interactive yesterday with us, and today they seem to want to hide more. Ive never had these kinds of fish before and they are so beautiful, can you give me some advice on how to get them to eat? I have a high quality pellet food for them, and I was advised to try a flake food, and to leave the room to see if they will eat. They also gave me some appetite enhancer to try to entice them but it hasn't worked. How long can these guys go without eating before I start worrying? They are approximately 5 to 6 inches, can you tell me about how old you think they are? Any help would be appreciated

  11. i got two blood parrots in a tank with 4black mollies 4white mollies and 4red mollies! within a week the 4red mollies died. The dead body of the last red molly was not found in the morning. now its been 3 weeks the other mollies are doing well. but the blood parrots are still hiding away whenever anyone is around the tank. i feed them once a day in the morning. what can i do to stop them from hiding? should i keep the mollies with the blood parrots?

  12. I got 2 parrots today and all they do is hide how long does this happen for?

  13. I have 5…REALLY shy
    took about 5-6 months tilll they got used to me.

  14. how many can i keep in a 90 gal tank? Loved the video,very helpful πŸ™‚

  15. I have 2 of them, had them for about 3 years now and they are about 4-5 inches , I hope they both are happy just last year they got a new 100 gallon tank with 3 other fish friends. Bonnie and Clyde was mad the other day, they was fighting over their ship , so I took it out they wasn't very happy till I put two clay pots in the tank for them. I love watching them swim. They love to terrorize the plants and the fake seahorses… when we first got them, they was shy they didn't come out of hiding for awhile if they was out and you walked by the tank they would go hide. They will still go hide if a stranger walks by their tank and they won't come out till they are gone. It took some time for them to come to the front of the tank . In my own opinion you have to gain their trust…. Bonnie like to shake her head like she's saying no but she don't do it all the time .
    I don't know what that means? if anyone knows please let me know …..

  16. Where did you acquire that terra cotta breeding/hiding cave from?