Buddy The Birdie (Pre-Edit, Full Length Version)

My “Yellow Nape Amazon” Parrot “Buddy” showing off for the camera!! (Yes, he’s repetative with his words/actions and it gets mellow at the end, but he says a…

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  1. My parents had one of these yellow napped Amazon. The name we gave it was Sylvester although I have little knowledge to the sex of the bird.
    A very chatty and talkative parrot.
    One day he flew out of our backyard and my dad freaked out.
    My dad was frantic and asked some construction workers if they had seen a green parrot.
    They asked my dad if the parrot talked and when he said yes they told my dad that they would tell him he was looking for him.
    My dad was pissed.
    We found him minutes later!

  2. I sure do!! What would you like me to try and teach Buddy Birdie here to say, my Friend? I’ll get started on it right away after ya’ let me know, and if I can get him to say it, I’ll make a vid response to this vid showing him speaking his new word(s).


  3. Thanks, hehe!! We’re still trying to increase his vocabulary every day.