Caique Parrot plays hide and seek with her micro pet white bellied caique plays hide and seek with mico pet

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  1. they are pretty birds, small, not noisey, they can talk, they like to play, really good pet but i think they are EXPENSIVE FOR some reason and people get cheaper birds like the cockateals to be a friend FOR them

  2. How did you handle the maturing stage? I'm thinking of getting a caique but I read that they are terribly moody when going through maturity and they bite a lot.

  3. That's adorable! I got my caique a little parakeet friend but he murdered it and dunked it in his water dish.

  4. Oh my god! That's the most adorable creature I've ever seen! I must have one!!!!

  5. Ive done alot of research on caiques but many people say that caiques are pretty loud. Are they that loud?

  6. No need to ask why we parrot people do not need to go out to much, LOL

  7. Haha, I'm glad you like my idea! Do you have a black headed or white bellied caique?

  8. My caique loves to play with empty medicine bottles! I've ever thought of filling them with anything because he just loves to flop on his back and go to town chewing the crap out of them. Plus, since it's empty, my birdie likes to either hop to a ledge and throw it on the ground or push it off ledges with his beak. I'll have to try filling it with treats though!

  9. Oh my god, that laugh! She's soooo adorable!! My white-bellied caique Beaker loves to throw things off of ledges and then laugh. Ahhh I just love caiques, they're the best birdies ever =) And yours looks like a sweetheart too! What a playful little baby hehe

  10. Caiques tend to be just as noisy as their environment, though they have a loud piercing whistle similar to a household fire alarm…I've lived the past 9 months in an apartment with my caique, the neighbors can hear him but have told me he isn't too loud for them.

  11. omg how cute! ive never owned a caique before an was just doing research on them for fun (dont think i will get one) an it says they are quieter than most of their parrot cousins . . . is it true? ur baby does seem really quiet from the video an ive had a cockateil(sp) before, an sounds no louder than the one i had

  12. Yep one thing is for sure if your down or had a hard day at work having a caique around will definetly make you forget all about your day lol. Our little girl is a joy just like yours. They are so funny and loving it's hard to view them as anything other then a major part of the family. Thanks for the awesome video…;)

  13. Awww, soooooo cute. I have a caique too! His name is Spunky, aka Spunkybirdie. Here's an idea: Take an empty prescription bottle (Those kinda orangish-see through ones), take the label off, rinse it out and wash it REALLY good, put a few pennies or something in it, and put the cap back on 'upside down'. Perfect parrot toy, and nearly indestructable. Spunky just loves wrestling with it, or knocking it down stairs to hear the pennies inside! Try it, your lil' bird will love her new 'rattle'

  14. She's adorable! We have a black-capped caique who laughs at us all the time, too. 😉