Caique Parrot Talks and Whistles

My white bellied caique, Merry, whistles and talks when it’s raining. Also look for wild turkeys and a red rooster walking in the rain in my front yard. The …

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  1. Dolly wants to know how Merry is doing these days? She loves to watch this
    video and certainly recognizes that Merry looks just like her!

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL caique she is just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!

  3. all you need is a bar of soap in that rain. FREE SHOWER!! LOL lovely caique
    mine talk and whistle when the hoover, dryer, music or washing machine is
    on lol x

  4. My caique was sitting on my shoulder and perked right up when she saw this!

  5. our family’s caique sings like this in the shower…but much louder. they
    sure do love the water!!!

  6. I love how you randomly turn to watch the turkeys. XD Your house is
    definitely gorgeous. The rooster’s hilarious, and your caique is gorgeous.

  7. hah i have my caique by the computer when a watch videos and she always
    looks behind the speakers to try to find the bird thats talking on the video