Pbird Amazon parrot gets his 1st wing clip with me at the vet’s … Blue Fronted

Pbird Amazon parrot gets his 1st wing clip with me at the vet’s … Blue Fronted

This is the first check he has gotten since I adopted him from rescue in December (it is early March) this is how they start…. mouth exam, weight (he was a light 397 grams), then a vent swab. See other videos for his mouth and nail trims. He also got a CBC blood test, but they brought him into a room with better lighting for that, so I couldn’t capture it. Looking for a great Massachusetts (Northshore) certified avian vet…. PM me and I will share her name!

Step up training with amazon parrot

Step up training with amazon parrot

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Earlier this week I had the pleasure of visiting two clients and their flock of birds. They are doing such a wonderful job taking care of them, like the rescue amazon you see closest to the camera. They didn’t experience any problems, but booked a consultation anyway just because they felt they wanted to learn more. How awesome!

Their baby amazon parrot was a bit reluctant to step up, and a bit too harsh on the hands sometimes. We worked on teaching her that stepping up is the most fun thing ever, and that keeping her beak away from fingers results in good stuff. Before we knew it she was actually sitting on the perch waving her foot at us because she wanted to step up -more-!
It’s always fun to see what can be accoplished in a single session. 🙂

We also worked on recall, volontary nail trims and harness training with their other birds, a meyers and a Cape parrot. Such a fun visit!

Senor Verde The Red Headed Mexican Parrot

Senor Verde The Red Headed Mexican Parrot

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There have been some request for a video on my parrot Senor Verde so here it is. My son has also been asking for a video on the bird.

I rescued him in Pasadena California last year where they hang out all year round. Flocks number in the hundreds in this area of California. He was on the ground with an injured wing. He still has trouble with one wing and he still can’t fly.

He has a great personality for a bird and he can say a few words now like “Hello,” “Hello Parrot,” “Caleb” and some other gibberish type words. I think with enough time – they can live up to 45 years I can expand his vocabulary.

Okay, so if you want a parrot there are a few things you should know. They can get annoyingly loud – especially at dawn and dusk. I solve this problem by putting him in his cage in the garage at dawn for a couple of hours and then again at dusk for an hour or so. Problem solved. They can also get loud when company comes over, so again I put him in his garage cage for the duration of the visit. They can also chew up important papers if you let the bird out of the cage and are not careful (I did that once). They do need time outside the cage and don’t necessarily need to leave the cage area as Senor Verde enjoys just walking on top.

So the bird is a n excellent pet if you are aware of the down side. He is very entertaining and very affectionate too.

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Amazon Parrot Talking

Amazon Parrot Talking

Amazon parrot talking.

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