Young Indian ring neck is angry

Young Indian ring neck is angry

UPDATE: You people need to relax. I caught this on camera when he was very young and he was angry and irate. The reason i caught it on camera is because I’ve never seen him like this before. We DO NOT torment him. He is now all grown and a lovely bird. So all you “internet bird experts” that are quick to judge just get over it.

Young indy (bout 5 months) is on the brink of becoming a very talkative bird and tries to mimic a few things while getting in trouble.

Angry parrot goes rude with his master.

Angry parrot goes rude with his master.

The bird didn’t like that cage

Backstory, this is not the parrots cage, he takes in rescue birds and he had received a full grown parrot in this tiny cage (which is borderline abuse) so he destroyed it with another bird (who has quite a mouth) named pebbles, and trying to advocate that birds hate living in tiny ass cages like this one.

So pass this on if you are in support of animals being free without cages

Whipper the Mutant Parakeet

Whipper the Mutant Parakeet

Meet Whipper, the mutant parakeet who lives in New Zealand.
This weird looking bird was abandoned at birth because of the way he looked – but we think he’s adorable !

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Free Flight Parrot Day 3

Free Flight Parrot Day 3

Had an amazing time with all these beautiful people! our free flight group is growing! follow us on facebook “Happy Healthy Parrots”

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Our Park is flooded! P2

Our Park is flooded! P2

Our park is completely flooded 🙁 but that’s ok Roku and Pabu still had fun flying above checking it all out. Joined by our good friends Audrey the galah and Fawkes the conure ☺️

If interested in free flight please watch “How to Train your Parrot to Free Fly” 👌

LIVE with Parrot Whisperer | #8

LIVE with Parrot Whisperer | #8

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Parrot Body Language And How I Understand What He Is Saying :)

Parrot Body Language And How I Understand What He Is Saying :)

So in this video its mainly what i know from my experience and remember it’s going to be different with your birds. I have learned to communicate with them in a silent way which is how they do it . they’re not like us where we talk words, they make body language movements and make some rumble sounds or gargle and even a few hiss sounds. all these things means something. so take the time to learn their language not for them to learn ours. that will come later. enjoy and give this video your thoughts on it if you like it or not. this way i know what kinds of videos you do and don’t like 🙂 thanks for the support my youtube friends 🙂

KorraCam: Free flying macaws

KorraCam: Free flying macaws

having a fun afternoon with Roku & Korra.
it’s the best thing just hanging out with these two jungle chickens, even if they do make me go crazy! 😀

For anyone interested in free flight training please watch “How to Train your Parrot to Free Fly” to get started.

My Parrot story

My Parrot story

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This is the story of my lovely Parrots Charlie and Mittu.
They are lovely birds of Indian ring neck.
We got them home when they were just 4-5 weeks old.
They are lovely,noughty and friendly.They are part of our life and that’s why I made a video for them.

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How to train your parrot to come to your finger

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Episode 1: Prevent Screaming & Plucking in Pet Parrots

Episode 1:  Prevent Screaming & Plucking in Pet Parrots

Learn how to prevent your parrot from becoming a screamer or plucker. Although many bird books will suggest to cover the cage, this only masks the problem and will only work for the first month or so. Foraging is essential for all birds from fledglings to newly adopted adult birds.

Hand feeding lovely African grey parrot

Hand feeding lovely African grey parrot

The African grey parrot, grey parrot or Congo African grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus) is an Old World parrot in the family Psittacidae.

The African grey parrot is a medium-sized, predominantly grey, black-billed parrot which weighs 400 g, with a length of 33 cm and an average wingspan of 46–52 cm. The colouration of juveniles similar to that of adults, however the eye is typically dark grey to black, in comparison to the greyish eyes of the adult birds. The undertail coverts are also tinged with grey.

The species is common in captivity and is regularly kept by humans as a companion parrot, prized for its ability to mimic human speech. However, it may be prone to behavioural problems due to its sensitive nature. (Information source: Wikipedia

I really enjoyed the moment with this lovely parrot. When I see how nice he takes seeds and eat, I really forgot all my problems and I felt so fresh after that. He even tried to talk to me when he saw the seeds finish which I told him there still some seeds left to eat. =D It’s better to watch yourself and enjoy too.

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My Parrots’ Reaction When I Return from a Trip

My Parrots’ Reaction When I Return from a Trip

We just got back from a trip to Europe for parrot seminars and events. After 12 days away, we missed our birds and were eager to see them. Here is a first hand look at Kili, Truman, and Rachel’s reactions to seeing us come home after being away a while.

Kili was no problem as usual. Though, in her excessive excitement, she forgot to come down to her usual perch that she needs to go to in order to come out. Truman didn’t move his butt for anyone but stepped right up for the approaching hand. Rachel tried to bite Marianna several times while running around the cage saying “step up, step up” as though she really wanted to come out. The Macaw’s over excitement was leading to unwarranted biting so Marianna grabbed a clicker and target stick to remind what’s going on. It wasn’t long till she came out and was friendly as well.

I’ve had small issues like this in the past with Kili and Truman, but through years of practice and the right techniques, it’s no longer any trouble handling them from the moment I get back.

More videos of my parrot adventure trip to Europe coming soon.

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