Bowie talks to Angry Bird

Bowie talks to Angry Bird

Took angrybird out of the toy box and Bowie went nuts:)
excuse the bird poopie! :/….I cleaned the playgym that night :p
He asks “what’s that” “what’s wrong” and “what’re u looking at”.
**note: not all birds will talk, Bowie is very good though. I repeat a lot of simple phrases to him when he’s in a good mood. He’s 3 yrs old. Lutino ringneck.

The complete parrot diet (MUST-SEE FOR ALL PET BIRD OWNER’S)!!!

The complete parrot diet (MUST-SEE FOR ALL PET BIRD OWNER’S)!!!

COMMENT, RATE AND SUBSCRIBE!!!!in this video i describe how/when/what to feed your pet bird.

WATER: water should be given fresh daily. change the water as soon as any guck or grime or poop or even food gets in to it. think would i drink that water? if not then you need to change the water. water is okay if it is tap but bottled is preffered. if you put vitamins in your birds water be ALERTED that if your bird deides to take a bath in this water his feathers could get stuck together. therefore i stick to plain water.

grains:pasta, bread, cereals, crackers,
vegetables:brocoli, cauliflower, carrots

Parrot Aggression: Dealing With One-Person Birds

Parrot Aggression:  Dealing With One-Person Birds

Many species of parrots are known to bond with only one member of the family while displaying aggression towards all other members of the family. This video was created to show how parrots can be trained to accept being handled by other members of the family using Smokey, my African Grey. The key to socializing parrots is to make sure that every experience they have with people results in a positive and rewarding experience.

Teaching a Parrot to Take Food Without Biting

Teaching a Parrot to Take Food Without Biting

Santina the Green-Winged Macaw has a visitor and things don’t exactly turn out so well off the bat. Ginger goes up to give a nut to the parrot and gets nailed. Learn how not to approach a strange, new, or someone else’s parrot and then how to offer food to a bird without getting bit. This is also helpful to be able to guide other people visiting your parrot not to get bit as well during the earlier stages of the socialization process where your parrot is learning to take food from others.

This video is in real time to show you the body language, speed of approach, and solutions to get a parrot to begin taking food without the opportunity to bite. As the parrot becomes more aware that it will receive food and nothing harmful, the more trusting it will become and the less likely it will be to bite even when it has the chance to.

Check out the article for more information

For my complete approach to parrot keeping, please refer to my book, The Parrot Wizard’s Guide to Well-Behaved Parrots:

Building Trust with a Parrot- MUST SEE!

Building Trust with a Parrot- MUST SEE!

Its Beautiful how you can understand your bird, spend time with it as if it where your brother, sister or cousin and even become its best friend. Its amazing how birds can open up to us but only when they allow us too. That is why birds are very sensitive when it comes to establishing a relationship. In this video which Animal Activist Hani sent us, shows you how he spends time with his bird which essentially establishes a well structured bond.
Taking time to bond with your bird is essential to building a long lasting and successful relationship with your pet. Birds are not domesticated and operate with a flock mentality, so forming a bond with your pet is crucial to helping him understand that you are his friend. The strength of the bond between you and your bird will greatly influence the quality of your pet’s life, as well as your ownership experience. If you need help bonding with your bird, try these effective ways of helping shy birds warm up to you. They will likely help if you find that your relationship with your pet could use some work.

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Kili Senegal Parrot – Flighted Parrot Tricks Medley (Flying Senegal Parrot Tricks)

Kili Senegal Parrot – Flighted Parrot Tricks Medley (Flying Senegal Parrot Tricks)

This is the ultimate senegal parrot tricks video of all time. I think this video will really demonstrates why parrots are the greatest pets and why they should be allowed to fly (but with proper training of course, do not buy or fly a parrot unless you know what you are doing). This video is a medley of Kili’s flight based tricks.

I am always looking for new ways how to teach my parrot tricks, not to bite, and be social with guests. To teach tricks to parrot is a great way to build these crucial skills. To teach senegal parrot how to fly to me was the epitome of training.

The video starts with my parrot performing some ABA recalls by flying from person to person when called. Then she performs tricks from her original non-flighted (while clipped) routine: nod, shake, wave, turn around, and wings. She does all of these parrot tricks for just a single treat. Nod is where she nods her head up and down like saying yes. Shake is shaking her head from side to say like saying no. Wave is where she lifts her foot up to greet people. Turn around is when she does a spin 360 degrees around on her perch. And wings is the big eagle trick where she displays her wings in full. Then I snap my fingers and the Senegal Parrot drops back and hangs upside down from my hand to demonstrate the bat trick.

Next I recall Kili and she flies to me to perform the “bang” trick. I put her on the floor and point my hand at her like a gun and say “bang” and she drops over and plays dead. The parrot play dead for 10 seconds until I release her to get back up. After most tricks I am sending her back to her perch and then calling her to fly to me when I am ready to do the next trick with her. This is both great exercise and great practice for flight recalls.

Then you see an around the corner recall which may not seem like a big deal but that is only because the camera is in a position to view everything. I called Kili but neither I nor she could see each other and she is just flying to my voice. It’s like playing hide and seek and she hears which direction my voice was from but then she has to fly until she finds me to land on my hand. Then I put her down on a chair where she grabs a coin and flies over to her piggy bank to make a deposit. Next she flies from her perch down to the green table to play bowling. She pushes the bowling ball with her beak and nails a strike on the first try!

The the Senegal Parrot flies back and forth between the table and chair to collect pieces from her puzzle and come back to complete the puzzle. The video only shows one piece but in the long version you can watch her complete an entire puzzle by flying for the pieces:

Then I put a ring down on the chair and she flies down to grab the ring and fly across the room with it to drop it on the peg. I really think ring on a peg is now her favorite trick and she can differentiate 3 colors to place rings on a peg by color. Not only that but then she has to fly back to me to get her treat and then back to her perch to eat it. Really makes my job easy cause she does all the work and I don’t even have to walk over! This is kind of a big deal because I am having her fly to do tricks all over my apartment and she can fly faster than I could run.

Then I throw a ball on the floor and my Senegal Parrot flies down from her perch to pick it up. She flies up onto the table and dunks a basket into the basketball hoop. A parrot flying to play basketball even puts NBA basketball players to shame 🙂

And for her final trick, I throw a ball on the floor and Kili flies down to pick it up. Then she flies up and lands on my hand and gives me the ball. The video ends with her returning to her perch.

The incredible thing is that pretty much all parrots are intelligent and possible to train so you could teach tricks like these to a budgie, parakeet, parrotlet, lovebird, cockatiel, conure, poicephalus parrot, eclectus, african grey, amazon, cockatoo, or macaw. I just love to teach tricks to parrots!

This video is meant to replace Kili’s previous medley called Play Dead and Other Tricks because she has progressed so much in all of those tricks, added many more, and has been flying to do them:

You are probably wondering how to teach tricks, how to teach step up, how to recall train your parrot to fly to you. I wrote this to help you out. It is about how to teach your parrot to come out of cage, step up, target train, clicker condition and all the basics before you can teach your parrot any other kinds of tricks:

This article shows how to teach flight tricks and recall:

The articles explain how to teach tricks to any parrot.

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My parrot doing 5 easy tricks i.e. wave,shake hand,target,fetch,spin
and hope you like my video
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Secret to Teach a Bird Step Up Quickly

Secret to Teach a Bird Step Up Quickly

Welcome back to Bird Tameness, the #1 Bird Training community, where all birds are tamed, trained and kept on a mental and physical balance. Bird Tameness brings to you today a HIGHLY requested topic from bird lovers on “How To Teach Larger Parrots the Step-Up Command.” Professional Bird Trainer & Animal Activist, Parrot Whisperer breaks it down to 3 simple yet powerful steps that are guaranteed to work for Quakers, Doves, Senegal, Indian Ringneck, Rosellas, Noble Macaw, , Rainbow Lories, Caiques, Plumb Head Parrot and Medium Parakeets Amazons Timneh grey, Cockatoos, blue head Pionus., Eclectus and Macaws.

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