#Parrots #MAKE_OUT, and much more. “Do Not Feed”, @AllEyesAndTeeth

#Parrots #MAKE_OUT, and much more.  “Do Not Feed”, @AllEyesAndTeeth

This video is more parrot-behaviour in Austin, Texas, and a couple of doves, at the end, as the sun went down and the moon came up..
My videos are generally of Nature, Birds, CItyscape, Politics, Activism, Anti-war Pro-peace, Pro-Palestine, Fight WarMongers, FUKUSHIMA KILLING YOU ALL, US ALL. I also like to make a statement, and sound from Free Music Archive, is great for getting the point across.
I do not monetize my videos, ever, and the sound is meant only to enhance the photography. In this case, it is, “Do Not Feed”, by All Eyes and Teeth, from the album, “Eaters”/ Thanks, @FreeMusicArchiv, for so many great choices!