[6.26] School for Pagans

[6.26] School for Pagans

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This week’s topic:
Hey guys, i came across this post on facebook and was wondering what you thought…
If there was a school of paganism and wicca in your area would you send your kids? If it had the basic required subjects of reading/writing, math, science, social studies made up of different age kids in a student led type setting and additional courses taken on paganism 101 a history. Wicca 101 a history, spellcrafting 101, 102, etc that taught kids the various paths/traditions and common practices of each and the spellwork would be available for those who practice at home. What if you could allow pagan kids much the same privileges christian kids get by being able to be educated with like minded people. would you do it?

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Cuts / Out Takes From Cp 701 – Tasty Models, Food Sculpture And Parrot School (1968)

Cuts / Out Takes From Cp 701 – Tasty Models, Food Sculpture And Parrot School (1968)

Cuts (rushes, out takes) for stories featured in Colour Pictorial – CP 701. The original stories are on Pathe Master tape *PM0429*.

Cuts for story TASTY MODELS in CP 701. Similar footage to cut story about the icing of a cake in the shape of St Paul’s Cathedral. Different shots show a girl putting a marzipan covered cake on a rack in the bakery. We also seen some of the utensils used for the decoration.

Cuts for story FOOD SCULPTURE in CP 701. Similar footage to cut story about food being prepared in the Japanese restaurant, the Hiroko. A few different shots show two fabulous goldfish, convincingly carved from carrots, being added to the final sweet potato dove display!

Cuts for story PARROT SCHOOL in CP 701. Mostly similar footage to cut story of parrots doing tricks before a crowd at Flamingo Park Zoo in Yorkshire.
FILM ID:447.02


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The Parrot Pan and Toucan Steel Bands

The Parrot Pan and Toucan Steel Bands

Show Details

When: Sunday, Nov 6, 2016 4:30 PM (Doors open at 3:30 PM)
Door Time: 3:30 PM
Show Type: Reggae
Help Us Help Them – Benefiting Smith Mountain Lake Lions Scholorship Trust

Come hear The Parrot Pan and Toucan Steel Bands, one of the most popular performing ensemble groups in Franklin County, along with local jazz artist Bill Hoffman on guitar and the Calypso Island Horns on Sunday, November 6th.

Share the island sounds of the steel pan drum from Trinidad from this group that characterizes the vibrant arts scene in Franklin County. Join us as the music of the Islands fills the stage of the Harvester to benefit our own Franklin County students. The concert is at 4:30 with tickets at $15 each.

All the performers have generously given of their time and talent to benefit Franklin County student scholarships by preforming free for this event. Come join us and show our appreciation for their efforts to help our kids by attending the concert.

For the past 23 years, the SML Lions Club has been helping Franklin County High School students meet their post-high school educational goals. The program began solely for students attending 4-year Virginia colleges and universities directly after high school. Now it also serves students who take advantage of CCAP – the program that makes VA Western Community College available tuition-free to graduates of FCHS.

The original scholarship program has helped 81 FCHS seniors attend 17 Virginia public and private colleges and universities. Heather Kesler is typifies how a scholarship helps to fulfill a dream. When Kesler was in elementary school, her grandmother died from lymphoma, but she left a legacy with Kesler of wanting to help cancer patients. Kesler will graduate from the UVA School of Nursing in 2017 and plans to complete a graduate degree in nursing as a certified pediatric oncology nurse. As she says, “I am very grateful to the SML Lions Club for this opportunity. Without [this scholarship] I would not be able to be here at UVA fulfilling my dreams.”

In spring of 2016, the Scholarship Trust Board inaugurated a unique scholarship program. The Trust now awards Transfer Scholarships to students who plan to complete associate degrees at a community college and then transfer to a Virginia college or university where their financial aid provide support as they complete their four-year degree. For example, one of the applicants whose goal is to teach in elementary school says, “I am trying to be frugal with my undergraduate degree, hoping that I can get my masters’ degree right away.”

In addition to providing financial aid, the Scholarship Trust mentors each recipient through regular contact and encouragement. As Blanca Castaneda, a 2009 scholarship recipient, says, “Regardless of the struggles I have had to face, I continue to prevail because I know that individuals like you believe in me. Thank you so much for your continuous help.”

In partnership with the Smith Mountain Lake Lions Scholarship Trust, all profits raised from this concert will help us help FCHS students. Order your tickets on line or stop by the Harvester Performance Center, at 450 Franklin St, Rocky Mount, VA 24151
Music on November 6 will range from standard island tunes to Latin and jazz, rock, a few holiday favorites and of course Buffett! Join the fun under the direction of Richard ‘Pandaddy’ Rudolph on stage at the Harvester as you stretch these glorious summer days a bit longer.