Parrot Shenanigans Episode 2 – Everybirdy is Misbehaving!

Parrot Shenanigans Episode 2 – Everybirdy is Misbehaving!

Funny clips from our day today. Sir William was his usual grumpy self. KC Bug was trying his best to chew through everything he could, and Queenie was getting herself into trouble every single time I wasn’t around!! Thanks for watching and let me know in the comments if you like this idea for videos and if you think I should continue this little series! 🙂 Please subscribe and join our parrot family on Instagram at Parrot_Sir_William.

Toy order, typical array of many shredding toys, wood, puzzle, and many others.

Toy order, typical array of many shredding toys, wood, puzzle, and many others.

This is a bit of a long video, but it is a typical order for a wide variety of birds and toys varied from beak destruction toys (wood) beaded toys, shredding toys, foraging toys, perches, swings all of them are things we order in our home for our feathered babies. Since I own 13 parrots varied in size from Parakeets to Macaw ordering can get expensive, but between this and home made things it make a great combo.

All of these toys can be found at through K and S Custom Parrot Supplies. I am Heather, the owner of the store. If you have any questions please give me a call at 972-672-6953 if you have any questions about setting up your cages or making your own custom foraging area with nets and such come and read all about how to at parrot message board.

Pet Supply Haul – Rabbit and Parrot | My Pet Warehouse

Pet Supply Haul – Rabbit and Parrot | My Pet Warehouse

Hi everyone and thanks for watching 🙂 This video was made possible by the generous gift card sent to me by a friend.

For more information on pellet brands available in Australia, see my video here:
For a video about transitioning your rabbit to a different pellet brand, see here:



Life of Riley Kevin MacLeod (
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Call to Adventure Kevin MacLeod (
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The Parrot Place: A Look Inside

The Parrot Place: A Look Inside

This video is about The Parrot Place, to inform viewers about how The Parrot Place can help you select a parrot for your family to enjoy for years. Susan works hard to ensure the highest quality birds. Susan will help you to select the perfect bird to become a member of your family. Susan works hard to teach her customers how to best care for and nurture their parrots. Please contact Susan via email at or visit her website at Thank you for viewing!

Incas Secret Evening

Incas Secret   Evening

Inca’s Secret Parrot Toys & Boarding and Absolute Accounting, Inc. in Kent, WA. Parrots, taxes, as seen on King 5 Evening. Bringing awareness and education to parrots. You can be entertained while leaving your taxes to be done! Please support these birds. Macaw, conure, cockatiel, lovebird, parrot, African Grey, Senegal, Sun Conure, Kakariki, Seattle Parrot, Kent WA, Green Cheek, Amazon, Cockatoo, Parrot shop, baby parrot, birds, adoption, rehome, pet, pionus, poicephalus, parrotlet, parakeet, indian ringneck, quaker, monk parakeet, parrot boarding, parrot toys, parrot food, parrot supplies, parrot store, tax office, accounting office, bookkeeping, payroll, corporations, sole proprietor, parrot shop Washington State, parrot supplies, parrot cage

FIELD TRIP #1 Parrot Store!

FIELD TRIP #1 Parrot Store!

Today we are taking a trip to the parrot store! Kendyl is giving a tutorial on birds, and showing you around the place!

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Welcome back to Bird Tameness. FINALLY !
This is so far one of our BIGGEST Projects ! The passionate team and Professional bird trainer, Parrot Whisperer have been working extremely diligently for the past 7 days, 11-15 hours per day to make this happen in a short amount of time! Like this video to support our mission of raising awareness for animals globally !

Due to high demand for Bird Training Equipment, and questions on where to buy pet supplies from, Bird Tameness decided to launch their very own Pet Supplies store based on the idea of offering a variety of quality pet supplies at a much lower rate than any local pet store or online bird store with FREE Shipping Worldwide and that is due to our partnership with several groups of passionate and experienced online Bird Suppliers

No more flushing hundreds of dollars on over-priced bird toys and supplies from your local bird store or on fake replicas online !

Also, if everything works out as planned, by the end of the month we plan to have about 80 products in our Bird Tameness Pet Supplies store and in a few months we will be releasing Dog Supplies, Cat Supplies, Hamster Supplies and so many more !


Use the discount code “10DISCOUNT” and redeem it while checking out.

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Draw a Colourful Parrot – DIY Crafts – Guidecentral

Draw a Colourful Parrot – DIY Crafts – Guidecentral

Guidecentral is a fun and visual way to discover DIY ideas, learn new skills, meet amazing people who share your passions and even upload your own DIY guides. We provide a space for makers to share their handmade crafts, home decor projects, fashion and beauty tips, homemade recipes and other life hacks with our global community.

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– Color pencils
– Eraser
– White paper
– Black marker

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