Foraging Parrot Toys

Foraging Parrot Toys

Find the perfect foraging toy for your parrot at
Foraging is a natural behaviour exhibited by all parrots in the wild. Foraging can be both mentally and physically stimulating to your pet parrot (bird).
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Green Fallow Parrotlets + Parrot Toys + Parrotletbirds

Green Fallow Parrotlets + Parrot Toys + Parrotletbirds specializes in Quality Hand-Fed Baby Parrotlets. Including non-related, bonded & proven parrotlet breeding pairs & singles.

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Parrotlet Color Mutations Available include:
~ Green Pacific Parrotlets
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~ Dominant Pied Pacific Parrotlets
~ Fallow Pacific Parrotlets
~ Albino Pacific Parrotlets
~ Lutinos Pacific Parrotlets
~ Single, Double & Triple Splits & More.

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Little Live Pets Cleverkeet Parrot | Kids Toy Review | Toys AndMe

Little Live Pets Cleverkeet Parrot | Kids Toy Review | Toys AndMe

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Cleverkeet is so realistic it almost feels like I have a real pet Lol!
I love how it talks to me and answers my question 🙂

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How to Use Foot Toys For Parrots | Parrot Toys

How to Use Foot Toys For Parrots | Parrot Toys

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Parrot Toy Fun 🌈

Parrot Toy Fun  🌈

Axel and Henry love their NEW toy from Doctors Foster and Smith. I will post the link below. Bird enrichment is essential. Toys offer “busy brain work” to chew, solve problems, and keep
active. Parrots have very good eye sight and see a different spectrum of color than humans so COLORFUL 🌈 toys are a SUPER fun way to bring excitement into their daily play time. Some birds will be afraid of certain colors, especially those that have a lot of red or are super bright. If you observe your bird showing signs of being fearful or aggressive towards the new parrot toy, you can take it out of the cage and just show them the toy for a few days and then hang it back in the cage. In most cases, the bird will adjust after awhile to the new toy and start exploring it.

Parrot toys can be the most AMAZING item in your bird’s life or a DANGER if the bird toy is not safe. Figuring out what is safe and what is not can be difficult with a lot of conflicting information out there. I can only suggest from my personal knowledge and experience a few rules for buying bird toys but not limited to always finding NEW toy dangers with materials used to make them.
#1 NO to Stringy (I have seen many birds get tangled or strangled in stringy toys).
#2 NOT from the DOLLAR Store (toxic paints & metals, unknown in quality in most cases, and not for BIRDS).
#3 NOT an item with “paint” or SUPER small BEADS.
#4 NO to any human BABY toys that have warnings of CA formaldehyde used ( I would not give to my own BABY).
#5 NO fuzzy blanket material that the cotton or other type can be easily picked off (they will and HAVE digested before while picking & playing with it).
#5 NO to basket type material (the head and other body parts get stuck in it after they start taking the basket apart AND a lot of baskets are sprayed with paint or stain).
#6 NO RUST, it is a BUST! 😱
🚫There may be more dangers but this is my basic rule of thumb for myself and my parrots. Personally, I could add the “straw” toys on there too because I don’t like them since they can poke themselves ect BUT it is a popular choice at bird fairs.

And for the YES: 👍🏻
Purchase from a reputable company.
You can make your own parrot toys but MUST use FDA color approved pet dye OR learn about natural colored dyes for wood.
The toy should be an appropriate size for your bird.
Make sure that the metal chain that is being used on a parrot toy is made of either nickel plated steel or is stainless steel.
Research the material the toy is made out of, it is hard to have a balance and keep toxic materials out. Even the PVC, plastics, and other materials can be tricky to determine. The important thing is to observe your bird with the toys in the cage. Take out old, dirty, and broken toys. Check the clasp of the hook, if it is broken or untwisted, your bird could get his leg band or beak stuck in it. Always contact your avian vet for any questions.
Doctors Foster and Smith Toy Link:

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Make Your Own Bird Toys with Parrot’s Choice Foraging Blocks

Make Your Own Bird Toys with Parrot’s Choice Foraging Blocks

Designed exclusively for by Kris Porter of If there were a Parrot’s Choice Award, these blocks would be the tails up winners. Designed to encourage foraging and wood chewing, these blocks have it all!
You can purchase these wooden toy block bases at:

FunTime Birdy Parrot Playgyms and Bird Toys

FunTime Birdy Parrot Playgyms and Bird Toys Where you can find the best parrot play gyms, bird toys, bird cages and more. Our belief at FunTime Birdy is that play time is an important time for each parrot, big or small. Not only will your bird love one of our Parrot Playgyms and or our Bird Toys but Bird Owners love them too. At FunTime Birdy, we believe your bird’s well being is of the utmost importance. Our Parrot Playgyms and Bird Toys are uniquely designed for that important playtime in your feathered friends day. All our Parrot Playgyms and Parrot Stands are made with all Bird Toys at eye level for a maximum playing experience. All Parrot Toys are included in the price of each Parrot Playgym. All FunTime Birdy Bird Toys are uniquely designed to create a one of a kind experience and adventure for your feathered friend(s). All Bird Toys are made with bird safe materials. We care about your bird(s) as much as our own birds and that is why all our Parrot Playstands and Bird Toys are bird tested and bird approved by our own flock of feathered kids. We have Parrot Playgyms and Bird Toys from Parakeet all the way to Macaw. Don’t let your Bird be a Perch Potato!®

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PARROT TOY SHOPPING! Parrot store tour vlog

PARROT TOY SHOPPING! Parrot store tour vlog

Parrots are NOT decoration pets. They require lots of time, and love. Please be sure that your parrot has new toys to break apart every month and foraging toys to keep them mentally stimulated as well as busy so they don’t get bored being stuck in a cage.

THE WEBSITE IS IN FRENCH but I did a google translate for you guys 🙂 SUIVANT means “NEXT” so you can browse the toys
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2 Easy DIY Parrot Toys

2 Easy DIY Parrot Toys

♥Everything and Anything DIY ♥


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~Rope Perch:

Small 14″:

Small 21″:

Large 36″:

Medium 21″:

Medium 32″:



~Everything and Anything PARROT! ~

♥DIY: Bird Play Stand for $50:

♥DIY Bird stand (small):

♥DIY Small Bird Obital for $7:

♥Kiwi’s Cage Setup: Part 1:

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♥Kiwi the Green Cheek Conure Playing around:

♥Dollar Store: Foraging Toy:


~Everything and Anything BABY! ~

♥DIY Baby Shadow Box:

♥DIY Baby Shower Gift Basket (Updated):

♥DIY: Baby Wipe Travel Case (updated):


~Everything and Anything DIY!~

♥DIY: Two Dollar store Crafts:

♥DIY: Flower Glass Container:

♥DIY Personalized Coasters:

♥DIY Beer Cap Frame (Magnetic):

♥DIY: Easy and fast way to clean used candle jars:

♥DIY Glitter Phone Charger:

♥DIY: Chevron Picture Frame:

♥DIY Video Ideas:

♥DIY: Wall Art (Button Letter Craft):

♥DIY:Glitter Wall Plates:

♥DIY: Wrapped Wine & Beer Bottles:

♥How to: Remove M.A.C palette insert:

♥DIY Makeup Storage (Organizer):

♥DIY Wall Art (Great for bedrooms, dorms, and offices):

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. All opinions are my own. I purchased everything myself. I link Amazon affiliate links to make it easier for you to find the specific product. 🙂

I use iMovie to edit my videos

DIY Parrot Toys

DIY Parrot Toys

Now this is about being as creative as you want while making sure the bird toys are safe for your parrots. I’ll show you what I used, how I threw everything together and the end results. I hope this helps you create something fun for your parrots. You don’t have to do it the same way I did, just use this for ideas and see what you come up with! And remember it doesn’t have to look good, it just has to entertain your parrot.

Tools: hole puncher, small hand drill, scissors
Supplies: popsicle sticks, different size string, Pvc pipes, Wooden blocks, corn husks, streamers, Chinese finger traps, little straw hats, colorful tissue paper, bells, construction paper, wooden beads.

I prepared the corn husks the same way you would for food. Soak in warm water, rinse and then dry.

I’m sorry if some of the clips aren’t that great, this was hours and hours of footage. So it was a little hard putting it all together and sometimes I was tired and forgot to check the camera.

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