TOP 10 Best Parrot

TOP 10 Best Parrot

TOP 10 Best Parrot
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How to Choose the Best Pet Bird for You (Petco)

How to Choose the Best Pet Bird for You (Petco)

Do you want to take home a pet bird? It’s important to choose a bird that best fits your particular lifestyle. This video gives tips that will help you choose which species is suited for you and your family. Whether you want to interact with your bird daily, or you’d like a bird who can spend time with a mate- everyone can find a bird that is compatible! For more information visit your local pet store or a bird rescue and talk to a bird specialist.

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Different Types of Parrots | Pet Bird

Different Types of Parrots | Pet Bird

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Dr. Laurie Hess: So, parrots are from the family Psittacines mostly. Psittacinae parrots are familiar to us. They come in all shapes and sizes, down from the little, teeny parakeets that we know as parakeets that are really budgerigars, very common, to cockatiels, slightly larger, Quaker parrots, the one you know as Paulie from the movies, the monk parakeets that fly around actually outside and have lived very successfully outside even in the northeast, to some larger species. There are Pionus parrots who are medium-sized species. Kyeks. Then we get into some of the bigger species. Cockatoos, the white ones that you see so commonly. They’re so mushy. African Greys. Great talkers. Amazon parrots. The big, green pirate ship kind of bird that you see all over the place. There are many different kinds of Amazon parrots, too. And then the bigger macaws. So, parrots encompass quite a few different species and what’s fun is that we get to see all of them at work, don’t we?

Sarah: Absolutely. And it’s really nice. There’s such a large variety to choose from and, you know, that’s why I think people should really research what they’re looking for in a bird. So many of them have such specific things to offer to a family that I think it’s a really great idea to not just go and see, you know, the four common birds that you might see in a pet store. There might be something much more exotic or a different kind of personality that you would be interested in that people should really look into it and do a lot of research.

Dr. Laurie Hess: I think you hit the nail on the head. Personality. Absolutely. Different bird species have different personalities. And it’s really important to match your personality with your bird’s personality. So, if you are considering getting a parrot, a generic parrot, I would go to a place where you can watch them, you can interact with them, maybe you can touch them. Ask questions. Read about them. Get to know what your parrot is going to be like at home. Obviously, every bird is different, but different species have different reputations and you really want to get something that’s suited to you and your lifestyle.

How to Draw a Budgie In 10 Steps

How to Draw a Budgie In 10 Steps

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Budgie in 10 easy steps Budgies are a type of parakeet, which is a breed of parrot. Their full name is budgerigar. Sometimes they are simply called parakeets.

Kids and animals At The Zoo: types of animals Compilation

Kids and animals At The Zoo: types of animals Compilation

Kids and animals At The Zoo:zoo animals for children:zoo animals attack glass:Zoo types of animals Compilation

Hi By happy time when we are at the zoo and get to see the wild animals at there. In this video there are wild animals : gorilla, Lion, Elephant, bear, cheetahs, Big tiger, Giraffes Koalas, Parrots, Rhino, and cute rain forest animals and birds.
On holiday where should we go to relax with family I would like suggest you to visit animals at the zoo and this is the best time for your kids to know about that wild animals and knowing about how their life and diet of them.
In this video we will see many of wild animals such as monkey that is the big type of monkey we called Gorilla they are really big, we can see tiger leopard and other animals I hope you like this animal video.
My family always get travel the see the zoo because when we are feeling well and relief stress and sometime we are go to relax at the beach.

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Top 10 Smartest Talking Birds In The World

Top 10 Smartest Talking Birds In The World

Top 10 Smartest Talking Birds In The World

1. African Grey Parrot
2. Budgerigar
3. Yellow-naped Amazon
4. Eclectus Parrot
5. Indian Ring Parakeet
6. Monk Parakeet
7. Hill Myna
8. Cockatoo
9. Yellow-crowned Amazon
10. Blue-Fronted Amazon

Electro Sketch by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
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I am hereby declare that all Images use to make this video is from Google Search . I use Google Advanced Search to collect those images, usage rights: “free to use, share or modify .

Top 10 Smartest Talking Birds In The World

Top 10 Smartest Talking Birds In The World

10. Blue-Fronted Amazon: Blue-fronted amazon is a popular pet and taking bird native to South America, named after distinctive blue marking on their head. They need interaction from human to learn talking. The talking ability of the beautiful parrot species also varies with the quality of training.

9. Yellow-crowned Amazon: The playful and affectionate yellow-crowned amazon parrots are found in the rain forests of South and North America. They are one of excellent talkers of the amazon parrots family. Some parrots of this species become excellent talkers and some never talk.

8. Cockatoo: Cockatoos are extremely social bird that possess better talking ability. Cockatoos can imitate a wide range of sounds. But their talking ability entirely depends upon training given by humans. There are different species of cockatoos in the world. Upon them rose-breasted cockatoo, yellow crested cockatoo and long-billed cockatoo are better talkers.

7. Hill Myna: Hill mynas are one the best talking birds in the word, found across Southeast Asia. They are better known for their ability to mimic human voice in exact tone. Hill mynas also produce wide ranges of whistles, wails and screeches. The great Indian hill and common hill myna are the two main species of hill mynas. These two species have more talking power than other mynas.

6. Monk Parakeet: Monk parakeet also known as quaker parrot mainly found across Europe, South and North America. Like other talking birds monk parakeets also requite care and proper training to mimic the human voice. They will learn and imitate the words they hear repeatedly from the trainer. A well socialized monk parakeet parrot also able to use the words that they learned at right situations.

5. Indian Ring Parakeet: Indian ring parakeet is one of the outstanding talking birds in the species of parrot. They can learn 200-250 words. The ability to mimic the human voice also differs between parrots. It merely depends upon the frequency of interaction with the owner. The Indian ring parakeets usually try to copy the human voice from the surroundings.

4. Eclectus Parrot: The eclectus parrots native to New Guinea islands are known for their clarity of speech and vocabulary. Eclectus parrots copy most of the words hear around them and mimic them in high quality. Some parrots can even learn and sing entire song.

3. Yellow-naped Amazon: The yellow-naped amazon is another talented talking bird of the amazon parrots family. They are known for contextualize human speech. The parrots have the power to copy wide range of words and imitate them in excellent quality. Yellow-naped amazons will start to talk from younger age itself.

2. Budgerigar: Budgerigar or common pet parakeet is an intelligent talking bird native to Australia. The smartest social bird has capability for large vocabularies. Not all birds of this species have got such great potential but some can learn 300-500 words and sentences.

1. African Grey Parrot: The African grey parrot is considered as the most intelligent smartest talking parrot in the world. They are endemic to the rain forests of West and Central Africa. African grey parrots are known for their better understanding and imitation of human speech.


Top 10 Best Pet Birds

Top 10 Best Pet Birds

Top 10 Best Pet Birds
Top 10 Best Pet Birds 2016

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10. Pionus Parrots:
Pionus Parrots are the one that have blue heads and got almost 2% votes among the best birds in the world. It is considered as the perfect pet that is very calm and does not scream. It is the parrot that is most of the time talking or quiet. This bird is a very well-behaved bird that loves to gain attention. It is difficult to feed them when they are small and are turned to 33 inches when fully grown up. It is not a very expensive bird to own and loves to eat vegetables. It is considered as the best and safe pet to be kept for the first time. It is very caring bird and calm. It is a small bird that does not need much space for living comfortably.

9. Quaker Parrots:
Quaker Parrot is a very beautiful bird that has gained almost 4% votes. These birds are very powerful and are illegal in some states of the world. It is quite favorite bird of most of the people and is the smallest bird. It is a very loud bird and is perfect talking bird that comes in different colors which is the best feature of this bird. It is very famous bird among all species of the birds. It is easy to keep them for the owners and love to play with all things like paper towels etc. It is not difficult to maintain and is the perfect one that is available in the limited budget.

8. Amazon Parrots
Amazon Parrots got almost 5% votes in the survey of best bird pets of the world. They are very affectionate and have strong personalities. They can learn languages very easily and have best body language. It loves to play all the time and also entertain their owners. It has two shades of green color that make it look attractive. They are commonly famous in the world with the name of Yellow-naped Amazon and are quite famous in the world due to their loving nature.

7. Poicephalus
Poicephalus is the bird that received almost 6% votes among all pet birds. It is commonly famous with the named called Zoey because they are not very loud ones and are considered very decent. They are acrobats naturally, and it is very easy to train them as they are very intelligent. They have the personality similar to humans and are very entertaining. They are small as compared to other species and are quickly attached to their owners.

6. Macaws
Macaws are the birds that got 6% votes in the best pet birds of the world. They are available in two different colors that are gold and blue and are quite famous in the world. They are very smart and loving bird that also greets their owners at different times. It talks perfectly and clearly. It is not very common in the world because of small species and they have a huge personality. Their main food is vegetables and grains.

5. Conures
Conures are the bird that are green-cheeked and received almost 7% votes among the best birds. It is very best birds that are considered as the best option for the people keeping pets for the first time.

4. Cockatoos
Cockatoos are the bird that received almost 8% votes in total among the pet birds. They are commonly called as the umbrella cockatoo because of its design. They have all the best qualities of a bird, and they love their owners. It is very loving and gentle bird that is very intelligent and plays different tricks. They are one of the large birds and take care of their owners.

3. Budgerigars
Budgerigars are commonly called as the Parakeets and gained 8% votes among the best birds. They have very playful nature and are very loving. They are expensive to purchase but easy to maintain. They have very small size and provide many benefits to their owners. They have a very low voice and are not harmful. They can be kept at small places because of their size and are very efficient. Most of the people are impressed by their taking capabilities and are a great company for playing and keeping them.

2. African Grey Parrots
African Grey parrots are on the 2nd position in the list of bird pet with 20% votes. It is a very intelligent bird and sensitive as well. They speak very clearly and are independent of owners as need treatment as a baby. It is very expensive to purchase, and its cage is also costly. The food and toys of this bird are also expensive so as a whole they are expensive to keep.

1. Cockatiels
Cockatiels are the best pet bird of the world that received 23% votes among all birds. It is the most favorite bird of all times and provides the charming experience of its owners. They are very affectionate for the owners and want to stay with them all the time. These are also consider as most expensive animals, and their care is also costly. It is very cute and the best pet bird available in the whole world.

Perfect pet parrot – The Black Headed Caique

Perfect pet parrot – The Black Headed Caique

Caiques (Complete Pet Owner’s Manual)
From how to choose the ideal bird to building a rewarding relationship with your pet. Step-by-step directions for everyday care.

Amazoník čiernotemenný Pionites melanocephala.The Black Headed Caique can be the perfect pet parrot.
Video from Lubo Ondrasko

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Beautiful birds Parrot wildlife | Parrot bird compilation | Types of birds parrot the wildlife

Beautiful birds Parrot  wildlife | Parrot bird compilation | Types of birds parrot the wildlife

This video is compilation beautiful birds Parrot also types of birds parrot the wildlife known as psittacines are birds of the roughly 393 species in 92 genera that make up the order Psittaciformes, found in most tropical and subtropical regions. The order is subdivided into three superfamilies the Psittacoidea (“true” parrots), the Cacatuoidea (cockatoos), and the Strigopoidea (New Zealand parrots). Parrots have a generally pantropical distribution with several species inhabiting temperate regions in the Southern Hemisphere, as well. The greatest diversity of parrots is in South America and Australasia. more info wikipedia[]
More credit videos and reference about the beautiful places of Parrot by Creative Commons:
– Galahs from Peter Kuttner[]
– Boombana Rainforst Walk Mt Nebo (Near Samford) Queensland from Paul Hodge[]
– Quaker Parrots Refuse to Fly South for the Winter from Carmen Ledesma[]
– Australian King Parrot – Mt Alexandra Mittagong NSW Australia from Brendan Lambourne[]
– India Birding – Vernal Hanging Parrot – Sony HX100V from IndiaBirding[]
– Watching the Parrots at the Clay Lick in Yasuni National Park from channelyom[]
– Rainbow Lorikeets, colored parrots, eating plums, East Adelaide, South Australia from Viktor Bohdan[]
– Six little Orange-bellied Parrots! from OB Parrot[]
– King Parrots feeding on a windy afternoon from Alan Couch[]
– A Parrot In Cologne.wmv from guenther f. Bartnik[]
– Parrot Sanctuary Spa Day from Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary[]
– Blue Crown Hanging Parrot Takes Nectar from sunch28[]
__The musicians name is Prelude by reusenoise []


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How a Parrot Learns its Name in the Wild

How a Parrot Learns its Name in the Wild

Biologist Karl Berg asks the question, “How do parrots learn their names?” Are they genetically encoded or are the learned from their parents? In this video, Producer Marc Dantzker delves into Karl’s work and explains how this simple question is shedding light on one of nature’s most complex communication systems.