Parrot Facts

Parrot Facts


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Google Now vs My 7 Year Old Daughter

Google Now vs My 7 Year Old Daughter

This is a look at Google Now as it is operated by my 7 year old daughter Miranda. We know that Google Now does some amazing things, and it returns excellent results, but what happens when my daughter gets hold of it?

Here is the list of 12 questions she (attempts to) ask it:

1 Pictures of parrots

2 Pictures of horses

3 Pictures of types of dogs

4 How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

5 What school supplies do I need for 2nd grade?

6 Show me pictures of dads

7 Who is the cast of jesse?

8 Who is the cast of Austin and Ally?

9 Images of mickey mouse

10 Images of iPhone

11 What climate do panda bears live in?

12 What do panda bears eat?

Parrots Coloring Pages For Kids – Parrots Coloring Pages

Parrots Coloring Pages For Kids – Parrots Coloring Pages

Parrots Coloring Pages For Kids – Parrots Coloring Pages. We found a picture of parrots to color. Children’s coloring pages online allow your child to color on the computer screen. Use the color paint on the side to color pages online. Use these free,simple,easy coloring pages – for toddlers,preschoolers,kids free.

Parrots images printable – fun pictures! Parrots pictures to print – or color online. We color online. Free download parrots coloring sheets on website provided. Find parrots – free printables,pictures,activity sheets,images,clip art of coloring pages offering cartoon character from shows for free.

Kids coloring pages offer – online and to print for free with printable at home feature for coloring pages of disney,frozen,animals,pokemon! Parrots coloring pictures are offered in a full size and full page or sheets for – adults,children,kids,girls or boys to enjoy!

Subscribe to see which pictures of parrots to color next! Kids coloring pages are available weekly! Images of parrots to color are fun. These parrots pictures to color are great for all age children. Share this game today!
Use this link for parrots coloring book :

Развивающие мультфильмы для детей. Учимся считать. Мультики про животных. Сафари 2 серия

Развивающие мультфильмы для детей. Учимся считать. Мультики про животных. Сафари 2 серия

И вновь развивающий мультик про животных продолжается! Дети вместе с путешественником Алексом будут учиться считать, а также узнают много нового о животных Сафари. Сначала Алекс познакомит детей с хамелеоном, затем будет фотографировать попугаев, а также расскажет о них интересные факты. А еще путешественник вместе с ребятами будет помогать страусу и даже кормить крокодила!


Поиграть в игру Животные для детей: сафари ZOO можно по ссылке

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Parrot Birds Coloring Page Fun Coloring Pictures For Kids Papagei

Parrot Birds Coloring Page Fun Coloring Pictures For Kids Papagei

Coloring pictures of parrots for kids. Coloring Papagei.
Saying Parrot in European Languages

Language Ways to say parrot
Albanian papagall
Basque Loro
Belarusian папугай
Bosnian papagaj
Bulgarian папагал
Catalan lloro
Croatian papiga
Czech papoušek
Danish papegøje
Dutch papegaai
Estonian papagoi
Finnish papukaija
French perroquet
Galician papagaio
German Papagei
Greek παπαγάλος
Hungarian papagáj
Icelandic páfagaukur
Irish parrot
Italian pappagallo
Latvian papagailis
Lithuanian papūga
Macedonian папагал
Maltese Pappagall
Norwegian papegøye
Polish papuga
Portuguese papagaio
Romanian papagal
Russian попугай
Serbian папагај
Slovak papagáj
Slovenian papiga
Spanish loro
Swedish papegoja
Ukrainian папуга
Welsh parot
Yiddish פּאַפּוגייַ
Armenian թութակ
Azerbaijani tutuquşu
Bengali তোতাপাখি
Chinese Simplified 鹦鹉
Chinese Traditional 鸚鵡
Georgian parrot
Gujarati પોપટ
Hindi तोता
Hmong leeb nkaub
Japanese 鸚鵡
Kannada ಗಿಣಿ
Kazakh тоты
Khmer សេក
Korean 앵무새
Lao parrot
Malayalam തത്ത
Marathi पोपट
Mongolian тоть
Myanmar (Burmese) ကွကျတူရှေး
Nepali सुगा
Sinhala parrot
Tajik тутӣ
Tamil கிளி
Telugu చిలుక
Thai นกแก้ว
Urdu توتے
Uzbek to’tiqush
Vietnamese con két
Arabic ببغاء
Hebrew תוכי
Persian طوطی
Turkish papağan
Afrikaans papegaai
Chichewa Chingolopiyo
Hausa aku
Igbo okooko
Sesotho parrot
Somali baqbaqaaq
Swahili Kasuku
Yoruba parrot
Zulu upholi
Cebuano parrot
Filipino loro
Indonesian nuri
Javanese parrot
Malagasy boloky
Malay nuri
Maori kākā
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Haitian Creole jako
Latin psittacus

Toys in other languages: juegos, juguetes, giocattoli, spielwaren, brinquedos, carrinhos, spielsachen, leker, spielzeug, jouets, speelgoed, 玩具,leksaker, खिलौने, игрушки, đồ chơi, oyuncaklar, zabawki, bréagáin, Παιχνίδια, トイズ, 장난감, ġugarelli, hračky, іграшки.

Marvel’s The Avengers in other languages:
المنتقمون, Qisasçılar, Отмъстителите, Tasujad, Οι Εκδικητές, انتقام‌جویان, 어벤져스, Վրիժառուները, द अवेंजर्स, הנוקמים, შურისმაძიებლები, Atriebēji, Bosszúállók, アベンジャーズ, Os Vingadores, Răzbunătorii, Мстители, Pomstitelia, தி அவேஞ்சர்ஸ், ดิ อเวนเจอร์ส, Yenilmezler, 復仇者聯盟.

Jigsaw Puzzle in other languages: puzzel, skládačka, أُحْجِيَّةُ الصُّوَرُ الـمُقَطَّعَةُ, 拼图玩具, palapeli, 조각 맞추기 퍼즐, układanka, rompecabezas, ตัวต่อสำหรับสร้างเป็นภาพ, картинка-пазл, quebra-cabeça, slagalica, puslespil, παζλ, ジグソーパズル, puslespill, quebra-cabeças, пазл, паззл, pussel, yapboz, trò chơi xếp hình.

Sounds :
Pack: Lesson 1 Words by margo_heston
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0…

Pakistani Guy Fun With Loving Talking Parrot | kissing Parrot 2017

Pakistani Guy Fun With Loving Talking Parrot | kissing Parrot 2017 Galaxy S8

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Parrots In The World !!

Top 10 Most Beautiful Parrots In The World !!

There are 350 different species of parrots in the world. Many parrot species kept in captivity because of they are very colorful, intelligent and playful. The Amazon parrots, African Grey, Cockatoos and Parakeet species of parrots are also have great communication skill. Here the list of 10 most beautiful parrots in the world.

10 Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

The sulphur crested cockatoo is a large beautiful species of parrot. They are known for their distinctive sulphur-yellow crest. They live in Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia. This species has a length between 17-25 inches and white colored plumage. The dark brown bill of sulphur crested cockatoos are also remarkable.

9 Bronze winged parrot

Bronze-winged parrots are medium-sized unusually colored parrot species native to South America. Their plumage is in dark purple or blue coloration and have a bronze patch on wings. The feathers of this species have violet edges and throat is in pink. It also a sociable, calm and beautiful pet parrot.

8 Dusky Lory

The extremely active and playful dusky lories are one of the most popular pet parrots in the world. The intelligent dusky lories also mimic human speech very well. They also like to play with toys are interact with people. Dusky lories are originated from Papua New Guinea and also called as white-rumped lory.

7 Galah

The beautiful galah parrots are identified by their pink chest and face. Galah parrots are also called as rose-breasted cockatoo and galah cockatoo. They found across almost all regions of Australia. Galah parrots are also highly social species, found in large flocks.

The galah parrots reach up to a length of 14 inches and weigh between 270-350 grams. Their upper part and short tail is in grey color.

6 Blue And Yellow Macaw

Blue and yellow macaw is a large and beautiful parrot species native to South America. They inhabit in humid forests and swamps. They have blue upper part and yellow underpart. The striking color and talking ability also make blue and yellow macaws as one of the most popular pet birds.

5 African Grey

African grey is the most intelligent talkative parrot species in the world. The bond with owners let African grey to excel in talking.As the name indicate African grey parrots are endemic to Congo of Africa and in grey coloration. They have a wingspan between 46 cm and 52 cm.The male and female African grey look similar.

4 Sun Parakeet

Sun parakeet is an attractive and endemic parrot species native to South America. Their amazing plumage display yellow, red,orange, blue and green colors. Sun parakeet also has a white patch around the eyes and green marking on the wings.Like a number of other parrot species both male and female parakeet look alike. They are also known for mimicking the human voice.

3 Hyacinth macaw

Hyacinth macaw is the largest flying parrot species in the world with a length of 40 inches. It is an endangered parrot species and the surviving members are mainly found in Southern Brazil. They have bright blue plumage and large beak. The intelligent hyacinthine macaws are also known for using tools with the help of their large toes.

2 Eclectus

The eclectus is a strikingly colored parrot species native to Papua New Guinea. The male parrot has bright green plumage and female birds display bright red and purple coloration. This sexual dimorphism in plumage color also make eclectus as an unusual parrot species.

1 Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet macaw is one of the most beautiful and largest parrot species in the world. They inhabit in rainforests of Central and South America. Scarlet macaws are known for their attractive plumage. Most part of their body is in bright red color, also has blue back, yellow markings on upper wing and light blue tail.T

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Funny Animals Parrots Cat Goat

Funny Animals  Parrots Cat Goat

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