Kili Cyrus Wrecking Ball Parroty

Kili Cyrus Wrecking Ball Parroty

Parroty of Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball music video by Kili the 5 year old trick trained Senegal Parrot. Kili shows that she can not only perform a hit song, but also do it without stooping to the lowest level. Kili stays classy and keeps her feathers on!

This parrot may well be more talented than Miley Cyrus and without a doubt cuter! In this parroty (parody) of the Wrecking Ball song, the parrot is swinging around on a wrecking ball and wielding a sledge hammer. Video of talented dancing parrot.

Kili came in like a wrecking ball with some of her other hits videos:

See this parrot dance, do tricks, and perform:

Learn how to achieve similar success in your relationship with your parrot in my book, The Parrot Wizard’s Guide to Well-Behaved Parrots:

Now Kili has done it again. Sorry Miley Cyrus, gonna need to clean up your act a little to compete with this bird!

Дрессированный попугай даёт лапу как собака

Дрессированный попугай даёт лапу как собака

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Truman Cape Parrot – Moving Back With the Other Birds

Truman Cape Parrot – Moving Back With the Other Birds

Truman the Cape Parrot moves back into the bird room with Kili & Rachel. His cage was thoroughly cleaned, perches and toys all replaced. The only thing left before having him rejoin the flock was to give him a thorough cleaning.

Marianna gives Truman a soaking bath, dries him off, and then brings him in to see Kili & Rachel. See how the birds react to seeing each other for the first time in over a year. Read the full story on the trained parrot blog:

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Well Trained Parrot

Well Trained Parrot

Well Trained Parrot

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Fallout Shelter Ep. 82 “Irish Quest Done and New Trained Parrot!! PC Gameplay IOS Android

Fallout Shelter Ep. 82 “Irish Quest Done and New Trained Parrot!! PC Gameplay IOS Android

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