Charlie the green cheeked conure parrot begging

Charlie’s spoiled. He’s begging for my attention here. Screaming, leaning, bobbing, staring, talking, you name it, he does it. Around second 30 he pauses between screams and says “Peekabird!”

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  1. Screaming is totally different… It’s not the “beep beep beep beep beep” you hear here, if its even possible to describe bird sounds with our human letters, it’s more of an, “eeeeeeeeee! Eeeeeeeee! Eeeeeeeee! Eeeeeeeeeee!” (With a little bit of “a” thrown in there for good measure, lol) sound. Lmao! It can get loud, but its NIT an all day thing. I’m pretty sure it’s learned from other birds, too. When I only had a single GCC, I never heard the screaming.

  2. Be sure to differentiate the difference between contact calls and screaming. What I’m hearing jn this video are contact calls – this bird is calling for his person, not screaming, and contact calls are a totally appropriate method of communication between flock members, whether they’re avian or human. In fact, they should be returned so the bird knows where you are… Or at least that you’re around and haven’t “gotten lost” (left him) – something that would be highly stressful for him.

  3. My gcc is one of the loudest birds ive seen! It screams like a dying woman, whenever it needs attention. It is annoying yet cute.

  4. A GCC or an Mustache parrot ? Whoz more apartment friendly ?

  5. Aww! Adorable! I had to go back to hear the “Peekabird,” and then I heard it and it was so cute! Thx for sharing!

  6. my GCC named skittles is extreamly loud in the morning the minute she hears my foot hit the ground everything is on from there. i cant even pee first i have to take her out i gues thats my fault though becasue i spoiled her so much. shes almost a year now i hope she will talk a little

  7. is that as loud as he gets? i think cockatiels are louder hey. am considering a GCC as my next bird. thank you for sharing your little guy with us:)

  8. Nice trick- My parrot dosen’t beg, though. He screeches, bites, and poops his way to food.

  9. They are very quite in compare to parrots. I have a ringneck parrot and a conure. Conrue is nothing in compare to him. Go for it.

  10. No, Conures are pretty quiet, mine included. The only time he cries out is when I leave the room and he doesn’t know where I am.

  11. my green cheek is JUST as spoiled! when im not home he screams all day.

  12. When he’s really screaming, I would say he’s about as loud as an alarm clock. The screaming isn’t painfully loud, but you can’t sleep or study through it. I live in an apartment and I can’t hear him through the neighbor’s walls, but I can hear him through my whole apartment. He usually just screams in the morning when he wakes up, whenever I’m doing something scary (like vacuuming), or as I’m leaving the house. The rest of the time he just talks or mutters.

  13. He seems a lot like my green cheek, Nila. The only difference is that she won’t wait for me to come to her, she just flies over and lands on me 🙂 Really cute bird!

    There’s a video of Nila on my channel if you want to see her.

  14. the green bird is you it twlich your a green bird it acts like you used have a green bird

  15. When i get my green cheecked conure im going to call him batman lol

  16. that’s so cute i might be getting a green cheek conure soon i want to name it Charlie

  17. Yeah I used to live by a really busy road. It didn’t make for a good video unfortunately.

  18. He rides around on my shoulder any time I’m at home. I talk to him constantly. He picked up on some things, and knows what a few objects are called even when he can’t say the word. My dad said “banana” and Charlie went crazy!

  19. mines charley too same birds lmao … mine wont talk tho apart from saying f off … howd u get him to speak?