Cheap and easy DIY parrot toy

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the first DIY video from the parrot gang. In this video we will be making a “classic”! It’s a easy and very cheap parrot toy you can make with just a few materials. You can also make tons of variations! Sky’s the limit..

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Have a nice day!

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  1. Really awesome! Those DYI wood parts are all available on eBay, I'm willing to buy them (good price) though I don't know if they're also that safe as in a local store, those on eBay come from China so…

  2. You should have said for this parrot toy (etc) and a parrot of any breed xD

  3. An egg carton seems to me to be too flimsy to hold the weight of the wooden objects.

  4. Only problem is, that it's too big to fit into my cage.
    So please can you make another tutorial to make it smaller.