Chloe’ ~Talking & Singing Double Yellow-head Amazon Parrot

My 12 year old Yellow head Amazon Parrot calls the cat (imaginary), sings I love you, says what you doing, huh? and talks about herself — until she gets irr…

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  1. I have one of these. He’s about 22. He talks a little but not too much. He’s mean and attacks everyone so we cant let him out of the cage. But all around a cool bird

  2. Hi there! I have a DYH too, 3-yrs old, love the little guy to pieces as I see you love your too! Question for you: Is that a DIY project, the pipes with the wood etc? or is that something you buy somewhere already built that way? I have a big cage for Bello and he stays on the top gym part all day, but I think he’d really like something like Cloey’s gym.

  3. Thats a beautiful girl you have there! she is gorgeous!,  i own a DYHA too, he sings and talks too but only in Hebrew

  4. She is beautiful. I have two of them and they both make that noise sometimes when they are asking to step up. So that’s a relief I thought it.was only my birds 🙂 How did you make that stand, where did you buy the branches to put in the pvc?