Cockatoo meets an Imposter – Funny

Find out what happens when cockatoos meet an imposter. *Rated PG for violence on cuddly stuffed bird* 🙂

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  1. The birds are wild. I did not train them. Couldn’t reply to the 2 posters
    directly about training them. Sorry to hear about the pet bird that flew
    off. :(

  2. How come is it funny to try to pop out an eyeball of the same species?

  3. I have a Citron Crested C2 also, and got her the same stuffed toy, from the
    Utica Zoo this summer. They have lots of these stuffed C2s in their shop
    and are aware of this video, so it’s probably been like advertising for
    them to sell the plush C2s. I introduced the stuffy to my 2 and she barely
    even raised her crest at it. Odd because in the past I brought a lifelike
    plush seagull into the room, and she hissed and flew away from it. Also in
    the past, I brought her a not-very-lifelike plush parrot and she soon
    proceeded to…gouge out its eyeball! There’s something about small hard
    objects stuck to larger surfaces, many parrots just want to pry them loose.
    I love all your videos, and how you turn the antics of the lovely wild
    birds of the country into friendly, interactive humor! The choice of music
    enhances the fun nicely. Thanks so much, hope you keep them coming!

  4. I have a citron cockatoo and the same stuffed cockatoo toy and she is
    afraid of it. And puts her crown up and hisse’s at it.

  5. Did you get the soft toy from the Melbourne museum because I have have one
    exactly like that and I got it at the Melbourne museum

  6. Does anyone know the title of the music in the vid…pretty please!

  7. This is a FABULOUS video and after reading further, I see that they are
    wild cockatoos!!! I am just floored that these beautiful birdies fly freely
    around Australia… Just beautiful and thank you so much for sharing!!

  8. It is absolutely beautiful seeing these birds in the wild, being free, the
    way they were meant. Some day I wish to take my mom who runs our local
    parrot rescue to Australia so she can experience this!

  9. Bird mentality: “Is it real? Lemme peck at it’s eyeballs.”

  10. you are so lucky to have those beautiful birds in your back yard ..thankyou
    for posting

  11. i have had birds and they have a enzyme in their saliva that is volatile if
    introduced to a birds blood so in a fight they attempt to lick each others
    eyeballs cause then the eye gets infected and the enzyme gets into the
    blood… this bird was trying to KILL this stuffed animal lol still cute

  12. I cant help but wounder if the cockatoos at 0.50 were all thinking “you
    came to the wrong neighbourhood!”.

  13. Evil Penguins, can you tell me roughly the address where this is? I’ll be
    visiting Australia next year and I’m a parrot freak…would just love to
    spend an afternoon in an area where I can see them flying free.

  14. @Sam .AB The music is a ragtime piece called “The Entertainer” by Scott

  15. OMG, that entire flock would sell for more than $15,000 in the US. You’re
    walking up to a goldmine! XD

  16. I was wondering…. Are not you afraid to see your birds fly and not to
    come back? Obviously they can fly and they are free. I you would live close
    to jungle, then it is great to see them be free, but if you are in country
    that has 4 seasons, then it is very risky because if they get lost they
    won’t survive in cold weather.

  17. Oh my god how do you train them to go outside without flying off? I tried
    that with my old bird and he flew off…I couldn’t find him and I was so
    devastated and now I’m deathly scared to train my new one to fly outside!!

  18. not funny but cool birds, i thought it would curse at the stuffed animal or
    hump it or something…. yea my humor is messed up…

  19. With some birds, the predatory dinosaur instinct is still kicking.

    Beware the cute ones.