Conure Parrot’s ATTACK Kitty Cat’s in their Cage

The indoor outdoor kitties wanted inside to play with the birds but the birds didnt want to play. They were defending their space.

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  1. Hi, I noticed that your jenday conure has a black eye ring, Ive noticed that a lot of jendays who live outside (the zoo, or in the wild) have black eye rings, and I assume its similar to the male galahs rough pink eye ring when they get enough sunlight, in that being outdoors constantly will turn the eye ring black in conures. Do you find this to be true? Im just curious because sites state they should be white but all wild conures ive seen have dark/black eye rings. Thanks!

  2. I love the big outdoor cage you have. I would love to make something like that for my sun conure. She loves being outside. I love 4:08, LOL

  3. I love birds and kitty cats too. Never had a pet bird but yours are cute. I have had quite a few Blue Point Siamese Tom’s. Oh, yours is so cute. I miss mine so much. I live in SoCal too. Looking up at the sky a lot and doing Chemtrail videos to awaken the masses. I see you made a video and it led me here to your cute pets. I also like that you are a do’er. Good job my friend.

  4. Thanks, it was my first “big” cage, we now have a bigger one for the large birds.

  5. I like your video, but please stop using apostrophes for plurals.

  6. Also those kitty’s are damn lucky it was only the Conures they were dealing with. Because if that Blue & Gold Macaw got a hold of them they’d be one less paw, eye, tail, or ear for damn sure….!!!

  7. Looks to be a bonded pair of Conures here. One being a Jenday and the other a Nanday. And since i’ve been in the avian field for nearly 30yrs now and have experience with both wild & domestic bird species. Plus i own two fids of my own an Indian Ringneck and Green-Cheek Conure. I can tell you from personal experience Conures can and will give NASTY bites when the want to. Kitty’s BEWARE……lol

  8. This gave me a good laugh! I have four parrots and live in NYC (apartment). My birds do fly, but my dream is to have a setup like yours! I enjoyed watching..Thanks for sharing. Darn, those birds are smart, LOL LOL..They certainly do love each other, very heartwarming..That sweet cat better watch his sweet self, birds on the attack!!! Too funny!

  9. ha ha, good eye. We have a few that have 7 toes or more. Our momma cat give birth to many like that. She has since been fixed.Years ago my wife named one kitten “monkey toes” and so on. -)
    Yes our animals are very cared for. These birds and cats were raised together. Thanks for watching.

  10. Hey your cat is a polydactyl!! Love your birds it’s obvious you take good care of them 😀

  11. nice cage,but i wouldent trust the cats in there,i hope you dont let them in their without your present

  12. At the Start it looked they were planning something.. 🙂