Crocosaurus @ Parrot Jungle Miami

Crocosaurus is a Saltwater Crocodile who measures nearly 20-feet long and weighs nearly 2000 pounds.

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  1. The keeper works in Fish and Wildlife Service now I believe and RIP Crocosaurus 🙁

  2. i saw it when i was 4 on a field trip in my school with my best friend….

  3. I heard parrot jungle and the city of miami is working out a deal to bring an EVEN BIGGER crocodile to jungle island . i think it was 24ft long ?????

  4. who’d win? that croc or an 11 ft bull shark in 6 foot deep water? i think the croc would win with a death roll. you?

  5. R.I.P. Hank, a.k.a. Crocosaurus. He was found dead in his tank on Saturday August 8, 2009 at Jungle Island on Watson Island in Miami, Florida He was 47. He was 20 feet long.

  6. I disagree- Jungle Island really cares about their animals. We travel there every year to see the animals and feed the baby tiger- they are fabulous. I am just so sad that Hank died this morning- we loved this croc!

  7. I agree with you. Parrot Jungle is pretty shitty with some animals there. This animal stays in such a small pool. His tail is just incredible I wonder what’s the force he puts on his tail when he is going to attack a prey. I think that the glass window they have to see him from the first floor is not even thick enough for him.

  8. i went there and saw this thing. it is crazy huge and i was happy that my trip didn’t turn into Jurassic Park 4

  9. Yep thats true, That monstor needs more space MONSTER SPACE xD haha

  10. I feel bad for him..I seen him inperson and hes in a lil confinement hes like a freakn monster in a baby pool..Thats pretty shiity..Parrot Jungle Island needs to shapen up and make their animals in a better habitate

  11. my boy went down to miami the other day and came back with a photo of some woman next to the tank. she was about as big as his tail. its amazing how these things just grow to be that big!

    i would hate to be the guy who has to go out and catch him! haha

  12. I saw him at the zoo here in miami a few months ago, he is massive, he is much bigger than he looks on the video.

  13. i saw him at the parrot jungle a few years ago. only he was underwater and he looked alot bigger O.O