Dancing African Grey Parrot

Jamu, my Timneh African Grey, enjoys dancing to Ciara Goodies.

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  1. Great video but next please put the camera on a tripod or hold your breath my african grey was getting dizzy watching it.

  2. @wrey1 i just recently bought an african grey how can i tell if it's male or female? it has red feathers in her tail and she's starting to get them on her wings,i say she because that's what they told me she was???

  3. For one, It is a Timneh.. Congo's have an all black beak and the tail feathers are a bright red.. I have a Timneh and he looks just like this one.. And I don't think this one is molting, it looks like this one has wet feet.. Mine hops in the water bowl all the time.. I love the dancing.. Mine dances with me all the time.. They are such cool birds.. And when mine makes that god awful squeaking noise, we squirt him with a water bottle from a distance.. Just a good squirt here and there and it cur

  4. i also have a timneh african grey like this one he also has a video check it out

  5. My little Hahns Macaw LOVES this song and will add his own noise to the beat. He'll spread his wings and his eyes will flash and he'll juke his head up and down in time. I think its that 'tuning' noise in the background that gets them. It doesn't do anything for my Congo though, he just looks at my little macaw like he's nuts haha. I've seen some birds with better rythm than people! LOL

  6. LOLOL my timneh will watch this againa nd again I am trying to get him to dance too he has videos on here but none dancing yet >> love it !

  7. Is better then me in my ballet class, maybe he can take my place.