Disabled Parrot Bath Routine – Clean The Queen!!

While I’m working, Queenie makes a huge mess! Thanks for checking out our bathtime routine! Please subscribe and join our Instagram parrot family @ Parrot_Sir_William !!

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  1. Thanks for checking out this video! Please don't forget to leave questions in the comments for a future video. You can reply to this thread with questions or simply make your own comment! THANKS! <3

  2. Ever owner a fitch bird? And Will you ever get a macaw or cockatoo

  3. What attracts you the most when it comes to birds? Cuz not alot of people own them

  4. Hi I'm Kim and I was wondering what happened to Queenie? I was wondering if there is a type of physical therapy for her?

  5. Where'd you get your birds? Why's Queenie in a hamster cage? (Rodent cage) What kind of birds are they?