Donna the Buffalo Entire Show – Green Parrot Key West, Fl. 1-3-2013

What can be said about the Green Parrot and Key West ??? This is the 1st of 4 really hot shows from that run. Between the location, fans ( including many locals and tourists ) and feeling when they play here they just seem to be playing in a Vacation as opposed to Tour mode and it really makes for a Mighty Fine experience !

This is the 2nd of 4 shows over 3 nights……

Donna the Buffalo
Green Parrot
Key West, Florida
January 3, 2013

Set 1
Start: 10. 44pm

Way Back When
Look to the Future
Beauty Within
It’s Love Time
Why You Wanna Leave Me? –
Revelation Two-Step
Arrows Pointing Sideways
Locket and Key –
Family Picture
Biggy K
No Sad Songs
Me and Depression
No Place Like the Right Time

Break: 12.09 – 12.42am
Set 2

Standing Room
Blue Sky
I Love My Tribe
Little Wing (Jeb, Kyle, Mark)
Nothing Really (Tara, Mark)
Do My Thing
Greatest Love
Broken Record
Co Fa (Tell Me Why)
Heaven of the Earth

Finish: 2.16am

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