Easy to make toys for parrots

Easy to make toys from grocery store items for Quaker parrots and other small birds.

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  1. I don’t know much about them but if they like to chew then go for it. But even if they don’t like to chew it can be something to keep them busy when they get bored.

  2. is it okay for cockatiels too??
    Btw i laughed when you wrote steal some straws from McDonalds XD lol

  3. I saw another video that used straws too and I though of McDonald’s too. Lol.

  4. so they won’t get sick by the straws? (sorry I’m kinda new to the bird world)

  5. You’re right, I should clarify. A pellet made from unfortified high quality ingredients without any artificial additives. If the ingredients don’t sound like ‘real food’ then find something that does 🙂

  6. GuanaGuy, I just need you to know that this a great video with bloody brilliant idea’s! My cockatiel is going to love these toys.

  7. Birds should be fed mixtures of seeds, pellets, fresh fruits and veg, and soaked seeds or sprouts daily.

  8. this is a very interesting idea . your way is neat and simple
    Thank you

  9. It’s sort of foraging but mostly to keep them busy when they’re bored and being loud. I don’t know if parakeets use their feet at all to eat but if they like to shred the first toy is just compressed paper and is great for that.

  10. Is it okay for parakeets too? Mine has NEVER foraged though??