Echo the SI Eclectus Parrot

Echo is my Solomon Island Eclectus parrot. He’s now 2 and a half years old. Talks A lot…but never for the camera!! 🙁 Anyway this video is for all the Ecle…

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  1. I have si eclectus too but i’m trying to rehome it because i eventually want to move out of my folks house and these animals require way too much attention. perhaps having a pair of them would be better. but it’s not fair to just keep the poor thing alone all day.

  2. His exactlylike my eclectus (sammy) there an amazing bird!!! But its a shame mines camera shy to so i can never show the world his mimicking talents 🙂

  3. I traveled to Tamworth to get Echo from a specialist breeder. 😉

    I wouldn’t say he was expensive considering you get what will become a best friend. But a few pretty pennies to say the least.

  4. so cute 🙂 I live in brisbane – where did you get echo from? or do you know of any local breeders or people who sell eclectus’s? Was he very expensive? thanks xx

  5. I used to have an umbrella cockatoo named Jaspar and she used to let me flip her upside down too 🙂 & she let me cradle her like a baby 😀 she was adorable

  6. I have a blue-fronted amazon who tries to bite anything electronic as well lol xD I have a picture of him and I as my default picture. Check it out. & yeah the parrot is cute but the guy way cuter 😉 lol

  7. I’m getting an Eclectus later next month… I AM SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!! your bird Echo is really pretty!

  8. was he hand reared? What a beautiful bird, inside and out 🙂

  9. He is beautiful, I also have a male eclectus, he is my child. You’ll find with an eclectus they are very sensitive birds so with you adopting one it will take a while for him to warm up to you especially if he has a bad past. Just be consistant and gentle and above all patient and he will sense this and warm up to you.

  10. One day I’ll get him a friend. But with all the moving around I do looking after 1 is enough haha. Occaisionally he imitates lorikeets to the highest volume which is pretty annoying. But for the most part he is amazing! 🙂

  11. i have an eclectus parrot there really good birds mines learned a really high pitch sqwuak from an alaxandra parrot and he doesnt stop doing the squak its really annoying ill give you a tip if you get one of these dont get another bird that screecthes really loud

  12. It will take quiet a while for him to warm upto you. could be months.

    Just keep feeding him and talking to him and eventually he will grow to trust you 🙂

    Yep Echo talks A-LOT but never for the camera GRRrr..but when TV or Music is happening in the house he loves to join in.

    It’s only been the last year or so that Echo has really been very vocal around people though. Used to only talk to himself.

    Echo is 3 years old.

  13. I just adopted a 4 year old male eclectus! he is coming along but is still so scared. Ive only had him for 3 weeks so ill give it more time. does yours talk? mine only asys echo. i didnt even know his name but he says echo so im thinking that it lol…love yours hes so smart and you work great with him!!

  14. he is beautiful, my ekkie is flying now too, and is a year and 8 months old. Echo is beautiful.

  15. My eclectus won’t talk for the camera either, or really even in front of me. He waits until he’s alone in the room.

  16. I have to say you have one mighty fine looking bird (^_^)

  17. And the Oscar for the best green parrot in a short film goes to…..*drum roll*… Echo! 🙂